Ah. How very long it’s been.

The break wasn’t intentional of course, but… well.

The thing about living in India is that, while you learn a lot about India, mostly, you really learn a lot about yourself. I wrote more than two years ago that I was preparing to make like a phoenix, and I so have. The last two years have been a time of steady introspection and intense change. I knew what I hoped to achieve personally while here, and I’ve done it. It wasn’t specifically living in India that made it possible, but rather, disconnecting from my old life in a rather profound way, so that I could reshape myself and my life into what I wanted. India made it possible.

Like the song says, Thank you, India.

This year, I made real, well-considered, goal-oriented, actual New Year’s Resolutions for the first time in my life. One of my goals was to write publicly again, and to do it regularly. Within days of writing that intention in my notebook, three women, bloggers who I have long admired and read, separately encouraged me to return to My Bountiful Life and start writing again. Nothing like a good, timely nudge or three to get you moving :) Of course, then I couldn’t remember my blog password, and WordPress wouldn’t send me the recovery email. Lots of onlineĀ things fail when you attempt to login from India and your accounts were originaly set up from Canada. After 6 months and fulfilling all their requirements, Paypal still refused to un-freeze my account. Our Canadian bank froze all our credit and debit cards in spite of notification that we were moving to India, and the address-on-file for us being an Indian address. My iTunes account is a mess. Etc, etc, etc. So when I couldn’t get WordPress to respond, I was not in the least surprised. But somehow, for some reason, only minutes ago, it finally worked. Excellent.

There is a lot of work to be done to clean up my site, make the sidebar relevant again, and something must be done about categories and tags. I’ll likely do it in bits and bobs over the next little while. I’m looking forward to it :)