Mango seller. Bangalore, India.

We’ve been here more than two weeks already. Wow. Our first days here are now just a blur of jetlag, attempting those first grocery shopping trips, jetlag, the first round of house hunting, jetlag, hours at the police station applying for residence permits, jetlag. . .

We were jetlagged ;) And let me tell you, a three year old with jetlag is not something I’d wish on an enemy lol. It was well into the second week before the brain fog lifted. I felt like my head was stuffed with cotton. Christopher was awake for the day every day at 3AM, but so were Mark and I. Jordan seems to have been born to travel: he didn’t suffer at all from jetlag and is the only one who has not experienced any uh, digestive issues. *ahem

It is an interesting condition to never be sure you will be able to make yourself understood, or that you will understand what others are trying to communicate to you, or be sure that you will able to find what you are looking for, be it groceries, household goods, or clothing. Almost everyone speaks at least a little English and is willing to make the effort to help you. But occasionally that isn’t enough. So far there have been no life-threatening situations or general emergencies, so we just do our best and move on :)

Jordan and auto rickshaws. Bangalore, India.

I have managed to figure out how to get basic groceries. We’re still living in a hotel without cooking facilities in our room, so beyond the ingredients for pb&j, boxes of cereal and some juice, we don’t really need much else. Well, except chocolate. And we’re having no trouble finding that. I have been doing my shopping research, though, in preparation for moving into a house. I bought some bedding and a toaster. The local huge, western-style grocery store has almost everything I’d need, though the grocery stores in general are short on fruits and vegetables. I assume that means I’ll have to go to the proper fruits and vegetables market. There is one near here but I haven’t been as I wouldn’t be able to do anything with any food I bought. But once we’re moved that will be one of the first places I go. The truth is I can’t wait.

Decorated post. Bangalore, India.