These few weeks at the end of January and beginning of February confuse me. We are always so busy, yet it feels like we aren’t doing anything. Maybe the gloom makes everything flat and dull and then I can’t remember what we’ve done nor grasp any sense of accomplishment. But already the days are growing longer and the light is stronger and there is always my camera. I just have a look at what’s on there and I can see all we’ve been doing to fill the days. I know I have been reading a lot. For so long I could hardly read at all and I missed it and longed for it and mourned it daily. But I have been reading at least an our and a half every day and I love love love it. Obviously, there has also been some bowling ;)

We have colds, but nothing too bad. None of us has taken to our bed just yet. The Baby, however, has sore ears so they are full of garlic oil and stuffed with cotton – which he doesn’t seem to mind at all – and we follow behind him sniffing hungrily because, frankly? he smells delicious.

One of the things I’ve been reading is this book:

What a beautiful piece of work! Later in the week, I’ll give this space over to Woody Winfrey, creator of the I Am Beautiful Project. I can’t wait! But right now.. I’d better get to bed because Mr Yummy Garlic Head is an early riser and the bigger boys have to be out of the house first thing in the morning for snowboarding. And at some point, there is just not enough coffee to make up for one’s lack of sleep. Believe me, I know ;)