May 2008

Babies and bubbles and dandelions.
Babies and bubbles and dandelions.

I love Spring. I had forgotten how much I love it – not because it’s been a whole year since we had it, but because it has been years since we had a *real* one. This year it is perfect: some very warm days, some very cool days. The nights are sometimes cold and we are not clear of frost danger yet. Sun and rain, wind and calm, warm and cool, clear and overcast. Perfect :)

The Baby spends hours every day exploring the backyard: picking flowers, digging in the pots, splashing in the bird bath, driving toy trucks through the grass. Jordan blows bubbles and then together they chase them down. There is a rabbit that comes to visit. He seems unconcerned and happily nibbles dandelion leaves in the lawn as long as we don’t move directly toward him. When we do, he slowly hops away without any real urgency and is always back a little while later.

The trees are *almost* in full leaf now and when they are, it’ll only be a few weeks until Summer. We have some plans for the Summer: a week at a cottage, days at the pool.. but not too much. The rest of the year is jam-packed with events and outings and classes; we’re going to keep our Summer low-key. Jordan has asked for a hammock. He envisions spending hours at a time, lying in a shady spot reading a book. He is working on his summer reading list. It gets longer by the day *grin* I used to spend my summers reading and remember it fondly and not without longing. I’ve already begun shopping for that hammock :)

Babies and dandelions.

Happy Mother’s Day!
and I have to say… I am one happy mother :P

Dinosaur raincoat
A dinosaur raincoat makes even rainy days GOOD days :)

We’ve been… are you ready? … it’s going to be shocking…. we’ve been BUSY! omg. Our schedules are packed full with regular outtings and classes and such, and then there are all the special events on top of that and it seems that I am always planning special menus or packing bags or making lists and just preparing for stuff. I knew that April and May would be crazy but I think I’ve reached my limit. No more! Well…. ok.. more.. just maybe spaced a little further apart.

New! Sandbox!
New! Sandbox!

A couple years ago, we freecycled a tonne of stuff… that now we have to buy again. lol ummm… it’s good for the economy? :P One of those items was a sandbox. Last weekend, we got a new one and Jordan got to work setting it up for The Baby. Seriously…. Jordan is the best big brother. He happily gives up his time/space/energy for The Baby. And he works hard to keep his little brother happy. He was very serious about this sandbox and even donated some of his beloved Tonka trucks to the project.

New! Sandbox!
Yay! Sand!

The Baby loves the sandbox… almost as much as Jordan does. lol. And a lot of days we spend hours out in the yard, picking dandelions and throwing playing in the sand.

Just a few more weeks, and things will start to slow down. A little. Maybe. I hope. lol. There are a bunch of posts up at Suburban Green Is People; remember to check it out.