January 2008

Doing the things that Jordan does has become very, very important :)

IMG: The Baby might like oranges. Maybe.
hmmm.. I think The Baby might like oranges. Maybe. :D
Seriously. Look at those fingers! heeeeeee!

Let’s talk about the vest he is wearing, shall we? When I was working on it last week, I showed it to Jordan:
me: What do think?
J: It’s uh.. very colourful.
me: Too colourful?
He was leaving the room and he called over his shoulder… Well, let me put it this way… You’d just better hope that it doesn’t make me so jealous that I sell The Baby into slavery.

hehehe… The vest is the Rib Warmer by the brilliant Elizabeth Zimmermann; all I did was scale it down for a baby. Given Jordan’s warning, it has been dubbed the Amazing Technicolor Dreamvest. Here on Ravelry.
IMG: Amazing Technicolor Dreamvest.
While I am tempted to deny that I would ever sully one of EZ’s unventions by knitting it in novelty yarn, The Baby loves the rib warmer and brings it to me to put on him. … so I’ll have to count that as a success, I guess :)

But I’ve been thinking… maybe it needs a matching hat…

We had a great New Year.
New Year’s Eve was low-key. We stayed home and just hung out. Jordan and I played Guild Wars to ring in 2008 :D The next day we had some family and friends over. The boys played video games (of course lol) and there was food (mmmm) and champagne (MMMMMMMM!) and some great company. It was a really good time.
IMAGE: New Year
2007 was a good year. A very good year. But I’m looking forward to 2008 and expect it will be even better.
I’ve never been one for lists of Official New Year Resolutions, but I made January 1, 2008 the start date for the next round of my 101 Things in 1001 Days Project. This is the second time I’ve done this and so far, I’m enjoying it even more than the first time. I’ve been writing down ideas for this list for months now and as it came together these last weeks, some trends became clear, most notably the focus on developing better habits. As with my first list, there is also a focus on goals towards better health. At this point, my list (which is here) will still undergo some fine tuning, but I’m happy with the overall tone :)
I know of a bunch of people who are doing 101/1001. Leave me an comment if you’d like me to link to yours.

December was a good and (as evidenced by nothing but the sound of crickets winter wind howling here on the blog lately) very busy month.
IMAGE: December 2007 collage
In summary:

  • There was a snowstorm. We went out in it, dragging the stroller and pushing Jordan’s wagon up and over and through the drifts as Jordan delivered his papers.
  • St Nikolas came on the sixth. Great guy that St N. Besides the standard chocolates and nuts, he brought a pair of Leafs tickets for Jordan again this year. The game was a few days later and Mark and Jordan donned jerseys and made the trip to Toronto. It was The Baby’s first visit from St N, and he was very well received ;)
  • The Solstice Tree went up with help from Max, The Cat Who Came Back, more decorating got done and we went to the tree lot get our Christmas Tree. It was beautiful night, cold and clear and Important Item of Note: this was the first time ever that we were able to move The Baby from the car without him waking up. Since he came to us he has been such a light sleeper but the night we went to get the tree that began to change and he sleeps better now than he ever has. Jordan discovered that he is strong enough now to wrangle trees and was a big help as we looked at tree after tree after tree searching for just the right one. In the end we found it along with some more garland and we scurried home to get warm.
  • There was baking and cleaning and tree decorating and secret shopping and the rustle of wrapping paper and the slip of ribbons. Christmas music and cookies and stories. On the Solstice we had people over for snowflake and star cookies with egg nog (and rum!). And suddenly, it was Christmas Eve.
    How does that happen? How is it October and I’m baking pumpkin pie and then next thing it is Christmas Eve? Every year this happens. Somebody keeps bending the space-time continuum and making me run out of time to get everything done! As soon as I find out who, I’ll put a stop to it. ;)
    We were up late finalising preparations for The Big Day. We had the last of the wrapping and cleaning and a bunch of food prep to do as we were having a whack of people over the Christmas dinner. But you know, even if we weren’t having people over, we still would have been up late because apparently it is impossible for us to be organised enough to get to bed at a reasonable time on Christmas Eve. Maybe one day, when I’m grown up, I’ll manage it ;)
  • Christmas Day was great :D Santa came and was good to everyone. My mom was here early and got to be in on the stockings and gifts. We had a great breakfast (The Baby likes hash browns and LOVES my home made oatmeal raisin bread and Jordan ate scrambled eggs! A culinary coup!). After breakfast, I … wait for it… went back to bed. It was heaven :D I slept for a bit, my in-laws came and after a while, my dad and his family (including my grandmother) and we were eleven for Christmas dinner.
    Now, we are vegetarian and all these people come to my house, giving up any chance at having turkey. How’s that for awesome? It has been hard to create a meal that meets all the criteria for Christmas Dinner. These criteria are: it has to taste good and be filling; it has to be Winter Food; it has to spend some time in the oven, filling the house with wonderful cooking smells that make people start asking, “How long until dinner?”; it has to be fancy but still comforting and hearty; and most importantly, it has to have that je ne sais quoi quality of just feeling like Christmas Dinner. This was our eighth vegetarian Christmas and for the first time, I got it right.
    I was well organised with lists and as much work done ahead of time as possible. When it was time to start preparing dinner, my mom grabbed an apron, checked my schedules and lists and got to work in the kitchen, leaving me free to deal with details and last minute things. It all came together beautifully and there were lots of second servings and compliments, but I knew for sure that it was indeed a proper Christmas Dinner when my father-in-law, after eating several helpings of everything, pushed back his chair, patted his belly and said, “My god, that was good!”. At that point, there was nothing to do, of course, but bring out dessert ;)
  • We spent Boxing day at my in-laws’ place and were back there again just before the New Year for Mark’s birthday.

So busy, but so good. The best one ever :)