November 2007

When the publisher contacted me some time ago about reviewing the children’s book I Love You More by Laura Duksta and illustrated by Karen Keesler, I jumped at the chance. Books are big deal around here chez Bountiful and I’m always looking for books that are beautiful – beautifully written and beautiful to look at and to hold. And with the arrival of the The Baby, I am suddenly looking for books for young children again. I agreed to review the book… but I did not agree to sell it, or to only say positive things about it (– not that anyone asked me to be dishonest, because no one did)… but the ONLY negative thing I can say about this book is that, apparently, it doesn’t come in board book format. If it did, I’d buy two right now. As it is, I have already purchased one to give to a friend and I have no doubt I’ll be buying more in the future.

The story itself is warm and tender. A child asks his mother how much she loves him and she tells him how much in page after page of beautiful illustrations and poetry. His response? “I love you more”. And then you do a really cool thing: you close the book, flip it over and start reading from the other end… as the little boy tells his mom how much he loves her. Brilliant concept and very effective.

When we read it for the first time it became an instant favourite. The Baby (12 months old) is drawn to the rhythm of the words and finds the illustrations irresistible. He brings me the book over and over so I’ll read it to him. And because the message is so wonderful, I am happy to read it as many times as he will listen.
Jordan, who is 11, also loves the book, but for different reasons. When he was little, we played a game. He would say something like, I love you more than ice cream AND one million sixty four hugs AND a zillion kisses ALL PUT TOGETHER. And I would think for a minute and say, Well… that is a lot. It’s really a lot, but you know… I love you WAY more than that… and then I’d tell him how much and he’d counter that while I apparently loved him a lot, he loved me way more… and so on. This book HIT HOME with him – with both of us :D
I asked him how he liked the look of the book and he only had good things to say. He said that the illustrations give the feeling of Love as strongly as the words do.

It is my belief that every child should have one or two special books that tell how much he or she is loved. THIS is one of those books.

Five Stars.

My boys, watching the snow fall.

Three hundred and sixy-four. That’s how many days old The Baby is. Tomorrow is his first birthday. In the past three weeks he has changed dramatically. He blows kisses (melts my heart every time). This morning, he pointed at the cat and said, “Kitty!”. I replied, “Mmphbooblah.. uhh.. pardon?” And he pointed and said, “Kitty!”. This is clearest word he has ever said. Twice. He takes your hand and traces circles in your palm in the “round the garden” game and he has learned to be truly gentle when petting the kitty. He is funny and affectionate and when I look in on him when he’s sleeping, he makes my stomach feel all squishy.

Happy Birthday, my Stardust Baby.

My cheeks… they are edible!

We’ve been doing some home renovation this week, so my house is a disaster and we’re all stiff and sore. But I LOVE new floor in the living room/dining room (put down down by Mark and my Dad), so is all worth it.

Jordan has a cold and it is bad enough that he missed his drama class today and will miss another outting tomorrow. Poor guy. He spent the day either reading in his room with the humidfyer going or on the couch watching Bugs Bunny cartoons and surrounded by glasses of juice, boxes of tissue and various pets. The poor guy.

Today (the 20th) is the 18th anniversary of the day I met Mark. When did I get old enough to have done anything eighteen years ago? Geez. We met on vacation in the Carribbean. It’s been a trip heheheh :)

How early is too early to put up Christmas lights? I get that it is maybe a sign of good planning to put them up while it is still warm, but there was one house in my neighbourhood that had their lights up and turned on on November 1. We always say that Christmas begins the moment you blow out the candle in your pumpkin on October 31, but lights? On? I think it’s too early. These November days are to prepare for the darkness, for Winter, for Christmas, I think – both internally and externally. I think the trimmings come later. There are few who love Christmas and get into it more than I do, but I believe there is an order to things and that timing is important. But maybe that’s just me ;)

Yesterday, The Baby and I explored empty classrooms while Jordan did his nature study class and hike. The Baby has begun to ask about things by pointing and making an inquiring sort of sound. In this case, it was a stuffed heron “flying” above us. This room has several stuffed animals (real animals, not toys ;) ) and he is facinated by all of them, but most especially by the coyote. It is displayed as growling and baring it’s fangs. It looks quite menacing, but that is not how The Baby sees it – he just wants to pet the puppy. hehehhee :) The racoon, however, is apparently quite frightening so we don’t go over there.

My ISP has decided that I don’t need email.
I’ve talked to them and apparently, someone will look into it probably in the next 24 hours. Nice. So.. no email in or out at this point.

Today, I have also dealt with a newspaper, who, in spite of taking 2 months worth of payments has yet to deliver a single paper. They have no record of my other complaints. When I had finally negitioated through automated telephone hell and got to speak to a real person, I said I wanted to cancel the subscription altogether and be refunded, she told me that she couldn’t cancel the subscription; she’d put a hold on it and call me later to discuss how much I would be refunded and the status of my account. Pardonez moi?!

I’ve also been on the phone with the toll road people trying to track down the transponder I ordered 6 weeks ago. They say I didn’t order it, which is funny, because I PAID for it. When I gave them my proof of payment and my order confirmation number, suddenly they found my order. It’ll be here tomorrow or the next day, apparently. When I said I wanted a refund for all the extra charges incurred by not having a transponder when I should have, she said she had to put me on hold and disconnected me instead. uh-huh.

I still have to deal with the furniture store. We ordered a couch that would take 6-8 to come. It took 3 months, arrived without the fabric protector and, after being here for 2 weeks, is already falling apart.
But not today. I’ve had enough for today.

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