August 2007

IMG: Wheelbarrow, overgrown yard.

If this was found in the yard of an old farmhouse, or along a country path, it might be quaint, whimsical, even. But sadly, no. This is my backyard. It is not quaint, nor whimsical. It is overgrown and neglected. It is sad. (But also kind of wild and beautiful … but I’m sure my neighbours don’t think so.)

Jordan announced that he wanted to start school a week early, gradually working up to his full load. Clever boy, he is :) So, we began slowly on Monday, doing a little more each day. All his books haven’t arrived yet, but there is still lots to do. I’m still working out the schedule – both for at home and for classes and trips Jordan wants to take. And! He asked if we could go to the ROM to see if they have any ancient Roman weaponry. Wow. We’ll definitely make time for that. ;)

I admit that I’m relieved to see the first signs of Fall – the changing light, the “cooler” nights, the crickets… I’m looking forward to the next season.

Oh, and? That hurdle? It is behind us now and we have officially entered a new phase of our lives. It’s a beautiful thing :)

IMG: Me. In a mirror.

IMG: Burlington Farmers' Market

I spent a leisurely hour or so at the local Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous day,… sunny and NOT wicked hot and humid for a change. The breeze was lovely and the sights and smells heavenly.

I love summer produce. I want to bring it all home and make wonderful things with it. I have to work hard to contain myself. But the tomatoes… oh man… is it possible to get enough of them? Nope. Not even. We had corn on the cob tonight with dinner. We grilled it in the husks and it was amazing. It had been picked just hours before I bought it yesterday and it was so tender… like buttah! And giant heads of cauliflower were 99 cents! I bought four to make soup for the freezer.

I was surprised, though, by how small the market was. It is not ever a huge market, but it is surprisingly small this year. I wonder if it has anything to do with the drought we’ve had. It was a little sad. And I missed the woman who was there last year selling her amazing homemade salsas; she wasn’t there this time.

IMG: Burlington Farmers' Market

IMG: Family fun and games.

So that hurdle I was hoping to leap last week? A bust. I was pretty upset for a few days, but ehhh.. I’m over it now. We make another attempt in a few weeks.

I guess I need to start thinking seriously about the upcoming school year, eh? hmmm.. better order some books or something. I can tell already that scheduling is going to be crazy. There will be much less hockey this year, though, as Jordan has decided not to play rep (travel) hockey and has withdrawn himself from the try outs. So we’re going from hockey up to 6 times per week, to only twice per week. Wow. So we may actually have dinner together as a family now and then. I wonder what that is like? ;)

I also need to make some serious changes to my blog. The sp*m in the comments is so bad – literally hundreds a day for months now – that I can’t find my REAL email, or the valid comments to approve. But before I can install one of those prove-you-are-human steps to the comment process (assuming I can figure out how to do it), I have to upgrade my version of WordPress (assuming I can figure out how to do it), and before I can do that, I have to back up my blog (assuming I can figure out how to do it)… so.. uhh.. Yeah. Blog mess = email mess. I want to mess with the style sheet too to make the main column wider. It’s too narrow and it bugs me. Of course, before I get to any of that… I have to deal with Important Things like school books and hurdles and stuff. Bummer :D I apologise if your comments are not appearing, or if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t answered. The sheer volume of email is overwhelming and has been for a long time.

6AM on the lake.

August already. Wow. Time to start thinking about school.

As much as I was mourning not having a vegetable garden this year, I’m a little relieved now. We’re in the worst drought in 50 years round these parts and the allotments where I garden don’t allow hoses – you have to haul the water. umm.. no thank you. I would have had to walk away from the garden anyway. Proof that things work out the way they are ‘supposed’ to and maybe I should have more faith in that.

Big things still in process here, but hopefully early this week, the biggest hurdle will be behind us and regular blogging, among other things, will resume.