July 2007

Picture of Jordan, by my Dad, edited by me. A family effort :)

So much has been happening, BIG things, IMPORTANT things, WONDERFUL things… I can’t believe it is already past the middle of July! In my (alleged) mind, it is still Spring and Summer still has so much potential.

So much has been going on, in fact, that I didn’t put a vegetable garden in. I miss it and i wish I had one, but it just wasn’t to be and that’s ok. Maybe next year :) My herb garden… well.. it got a good start, but currently looks uh… very, very bad. I’ve gone out to work on it – several times. It isn’t a huge garden, so it doesn’t take much time. But hornets have taken it over. And I’m allergic and, well, as much as I love my garden, it isn’t worth dying for, yanno? Mark spent hours yesterday scouring our property for hornets’ nest and removing them, so hopefully I’ll be able to safely go out in my yard again soon. Then I can work in my garden and my neightbours won’t have to look at the eyesore that is my front yard any more.

Luckily, stuff grows without my intervention and I enjoyed my snowball bush, lilacs and the valerian.

Jordan has earned his purple belt in karate. The beginner belts are behind him now and things are getting serious. He spent a week at an intensive day camp, where each day was the equivalent of four lessons. He was so sore and tired by 4 o’clock. hehehe. But that boy has some serious stomach muscles. Cool.

His karate club put on a great summer picnic. Karate demonstrations, barbeque, three-legged races… there were hundreds of people there, it was in a beautiful park near here, and it was a really great time. Jordan had a blast. There was even a tug of war across the river. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Knitting? uhhhh…. oh! There’s the phone. I have to go. ttyl. bye!