June 2007

I can’t believe he’s 11. I keep thinking he’s 9.
His birthday was on Friday the 8th. He could hardly sleep the night before and was up early that morning. At 5:30 he was in my bed asking about the day he was born. “So what was happening now? Did it hurt?”

He wanted to open his gift. It was 5:37AM. o_O. Luckily, Mark had gone to hockey and I told Jordan he had to either sleep or play quietly until Mark came home at around 8. Yay! zzzzzzzzzzzz… As soon as M came through the door Mr Elevenyearsold was jumping on my bed.

We did have some other stuff going on that day, but Jordan *had* to get out with his new kite (a Revolution EXP) in spite of there being very little wind. he was so excited. He LOVES his kite.

 Yay!! It fliiiiiies!

LOL! oops :)

This has been a really good year for Jordan. He has had so many successes: personal, athletic, academic, emotional…. Every day I am amazed by him. He has this beautiful balance of intensity and kindness that I find utterly engaging. He is an independent thinker and lives his values. He is affectionate and unabashedly open about how much he loves the people in his life. He is curious and energetic and really, really funny. He is a great observer of life, the people around him and of himself.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.

June? Really?
How can that be? I am certain that I did not authorise that. And yet, here it is. Cheeky.

We have been … so… busy. It’s all a whirlwind. *whirls around* And all very, very good :)

IMG: Dogtooth Violet. Copyright billi-jean.com

Hockey is over… except you know, that summer hockey is well underway. Jordan is playing on two teams… in goal on one and as a skater on the other. For a goalie, he is doing really well as a skater with 5 goals in two games. It is lacrosse season. And, like hockey, it is always karate season. We’ve been to a play (Treasure Island as a musical comedy – heeeeee!), the circus (Cirque Niagara – have you been? Why not? Go! GO!), Jordan had art hanging in an art show in Oakville and we went to the gala opening for that,… and just so much more. It’s been CRAZY.

Our dog, Artemis, was scratched in the eye by a cat… it was a deep scratch – right through the cornea – and immediately infected. I called the vet right away and she came out of surgery to see Artemis as soon as I got there. There was some pretty intensive treatment (hourly drops for 2 days, then every two hours for another two days, then every four hours for three weeks, as well as weeks of oral antibiotics) and she finally got the all-clear from an ophthalmologist this week. There is quite a scar but it is situated so that it doesn’t impair her vision. *whew* Through it all – even when she must have been in intense pain – Artemis was sweet and gentle. She is such a great dog. We are so lucky to have her.

My herb garden is doing really well. My vegetable garden.. uhh… not so much :/ I havent even planted it yet. Oy. If I can get it in this week, it won’t be too late. :)

The knitting… we aren’t talking about the knitting. :P