April 2007

IMG: Skateboarding.
Spring has been making her presence known in the rain and in the sun, in the warm days followed by cold. But she is settling in now and today, I spent a couple of hours in my herb garden turning over the soil, weeding and just getting reaquainted with all the green shoots and tender leaves. Time spent in the sun and the soil is always good for the soul. And mine is feeling better.

As far as I can see, Artemis’ eye seems to be healing ok. I’ll know more after a visit to the vet tomorrow morning.

IMG: red tulips

On Monday morning, one of our cats attacked Artemis, leaving a deep scratch on her right eye. I rushed her to the vet right away but infection had already set in. Ever since, we’ve been putting drops in her eye every hour. Tomorrow, we reduce that to every two, and then every four hours until Monday. We’re giving her oral antibiotics as well. Best case: her eye heals with a small scar that doesn’t impair her vision too much. Worst case: we aren’t even considering it.

This is what Artemis’ eye looked like on Moday morning. The green dye shows the area that is damaged or infected.
IMG: cat scratch on eye
This morning, we were back at the vet and some of the infection had gone and the healing so far is looking pretty good.
My poor puppy :(

IMG: crocus

Today is my birthday. Apparently, I’m getting old.
It sure doesn’t feel like it though :)

I finished this Harry Potter scarf this weekend.

I began making it a few weeks ago for Jordan to wear to the birthday party he went to Sunday afternoon. A few days ago, Jordan said we should give it to Isaac, the boy having the birthday.

I think we should give it to Isaac. I have a mom who’s a really good knitter, so, really, I can get one any time. Isaac can’t. And it’s his birthday. And he LOVES Harry Potter. I think he should have it.

Isaac’s it is :)

Technical details:

- double-thickness, knit in the round
- Gryffindor colours
- meant to be like the scarves in the first movie

- yarn: Irish Worsted Knitting Wool (the yellow is more gold than the photo shows)
- gauge: 20st and 28 rows to 10cm
- finished dimensions (before blocking): 53″ long x 5.5″ wide (child’s size)

- total stitches: approx 22,440 (hahaha.. I love calculating that, but only AFTER I’ve finished :D)

The Harry Potter Birthday party was amazing, btw. I even taught a Care of Magical Creatures class :D

Jordan in Potions class :)

IMG: Easter Lily
Easter Lily

IMG: Knitting. This image is copyright 2007 billi-jean.com. No use without permission.
Jordan and his Oma.

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