March 2007

When someone you love is sick, there is the fretting and the worrying. The wishing and the hoping. And there is the frustration that comes with knowing that there is nothing you can do.

But then I remembered: the knitting. There is always the knitting. So that’s what I’ll do.

Orange Belt!

March break?
March BREAK?!!! HA! I don’t think so! It was definitely March, but there was no “break” involved. Here are some of the things that have been filling my calendar (draining my wallet, mostly via the gas tank)…

IMG: Studio Tour at the Art Gallery of Hamilton
We did a studio tour at the Art Gallery of Hamilton on portraiture. Very cool. Of course, no photos were allowed in the tour part; this would be the studio part. Jordan loved both parts :)

IMG: Hamilton Farmers' Market
We hit the farmers’ market for our annual bundle of pussy willows. We got cookies, too, of course :D

IMG: Hockey gold in Woodstock
Jordan played in a two-day hockey tournament. In four games, his team scored over 30 goals and allowed exactly zero. First-place medals for everyone! (am I the only parent who ages noticeably with every tournament?)

IMG: Snowy feet.
It got very warm and prance-through-the-woods Spring-like and then got very cold and snowy Winter-like again. I went into the grocery store while it was Spring-like and when I came out less an hour later, it was Winter-like. This is simply proof that one is in southern Ontario and that it is March.

IMG: Guinness for St Patrick's Day
It was St. Patrick’s Day. :D

IMG: oops... not lunch
We went out for what was supposed to be lunch, but turned out to be dessert with hot chocolate. Oops :) While we were there, Jordan has us all laughing so hard – he and I both had tears streaming down our faces. Also, my cranberry muffin was teh luv.

IMG: Goalie School
And Jordan had two special 2-hour sessions of goalie school. For this part, there were two instructors, and Jordan. *blink* You can’t beat that ratio :D Not surprisingly, Jordan was BEAT after that. hehehhe!

We are almost finished reading Eldest. I’ve been drawing it out, trying to make it last longer. I think Jordan is going to have withdrawls when it is over.

I was thinking that as some things wind down for the year, I’d catch a break and be able to stop and breathe and feel like I’m keeping up. Silly me! I’m sure that for every thing that ends, two more things are taking their place. It’s crazy… but in a good way :)

Happy Spring!

IMG: Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

It must be that time of year, because my stats are going haywire from external links and searches on how to dye Easter Eggs with natural or vegetable dyes. This happens every year and get email from all over the world. It is very cool :)

But now the page is New! And Improved! because I’ve added a FAQ. It seems I get the same questions over and over, so I’ve posted the answers to the most common questions there, rather than just answering by email all time where no one else can see. If you have any other questions, then leave a comment on that page and I’ll add it to the FAQ (assuming, you know, that it is actually about dyeing Easter Eggs ;) ). If you try dyeing your Easter Eggs this way, and you think of it, send me a photo and I’ll put it up. Oui? Oui :)

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