February 2007

-30C!!! We’re not afraid of the cold! :D

Winter was late getting here, but it has been great ever since. Lots of very cold weather, lots of snow – just how I like it :D It’s been snowing again – it started last night and is still snowing now.

We’re still crazy busy and I’m sick (again). grrr. But this time, since Mark and Jordan are not sick at the same time, I’m able to rest more, so hopefully this won’t last long.

I’ve been knitting again – finally! After Christmas, I just was not interested. But this month, I’ve finished three small projects, will finish another today or tomorrow and have two more on the needles. Last week, Jordan and I even got to the stich n bitch at our LYS – we hadn’t been in weeks and it was so nice to be back. I celebrated by spending money! Yay! (I am a sucker for Fleece Artist Curly Locks. I can’t help myself, really.) Danielle has so many beautiful things there – I actually started thinking about knitting something for Spring or Summer – and I never do. I like to knit wooly things, warm things, mainly in dark and natural colours. But no. I was sittting there, knitting a Very Warm Hat and thinking, “Hmmm… a pale green cotton cardigan would be dish for Easter”. Yeah. Pale green. Cotton. For me. What da…?! So, this week when we go back to Spun, I’m going to explore that a little more. Maybe I’ll just buy more wooly stuff to roll around in, but there is a slight chance, I’ll get something else entirely. My life is an ADVENTURE! :D

Jordan’s Dragon Stories poster display

We’ve been busy with school projects too.

On Friday, there was a HomeSchool Literature Fair put together by some people at my local home school group. It was a GREAT event. There were students’ work displays, families displayed their favourite books, a professional story teller, a make-your-own bookmark table and a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that was awesome :D
Jordan had two displays. One was an original poem framed with a photo collage and the other was this poster display on Dragon Stories. I’ve been looking for a long time for an opportunity for him to do one of these, and once he got going, he was right into it. He had never done one before – he had never even seen one before, so we started with photos of other displays, learning the components, layout requirements, etc. He had no trouble choosing a topic and really enjoyed the process and the result. I see more of these in his future :P

On tap for today: Drama class and some prep work for an art event. I’d better get to it, then, eh? :)

Still not too big for my lap :)

I think we’re going to make it. We are all finally back to (what passes for) normal. Yay! Mark took that photo about a week ago, when Jordan (obviously) was not feeling well at all. Poor Smokey (who is perfectly happy to be carried around like that, and even comes looking for Jordan when he wants to be picked up) is at the vet today getting the ol’ snip-snip. I suspect that Jordan may be more upset about it than the cat is ;)
Yesterday and today, the weather has been decidedly Spring-like. As much as I love Winter and feel that there is a place in my world for many very cold days each year, these first glimpses of Spring are always good for the mood. Can I plant my garden yet? Can I? Huh? :D
I have more photos (duh) and more updates, but they’ll have to wait as Jordan is impatiently waiting for me to print off some pages he needs for a project. Best get to it, eh?

I think we have the Plague. Send food and water. Leave it on the porch and I’ll come out and get it when you’re gone ;)
We’ve all been sick for a week and there is no end in sight. Geez. I thought Jordan was on the mend, but no. He’s back on the couch for now.
At least we have lots of good books to read :)

There has been so much living going on that it’s tough to find time to write about it. Jordan is busy with drama classes, art events, hockey, hockey, hockey, karate, and more. Mark and I are each making an effort to take time for our own interests and with other obligations, holy cow! It’s February!

All that has come to a screeching halt, though, as Jordan is sick. Sicker than he’s been for a long time. I know that everyone was sick at Christmas. We weren’t. Nary a sniffle. But now, he’s here on the couch beside me, unable to sleep with what looks an aweful lot like the flu, as I rewet the cloth on his head every few minutes. It’s going to be a long night, I think :/

Max, the cat who came back, is doing his part, though. He is curled up on Jordan’s legs, purring louder than any cat who has come before and doing that squinty-eyed cat thing. That always helps :)

This is the 2nd Annual Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading to celebrate the Feast of Bridgid, aka Groundhog Day. :D

I chose this poem because for the last year, Robert Service and this poem in particular keep popping up. I was reading about Canadians and the arctic, there was Robert Service. I wasn’t really aware of his poetry before that, but since then, I see it everywhere. Without looking for it, I have come across this poem several times. Clearly, it wants to be read. :)

Winding Wool

by Robert Service

She’d bring to me a skein of wool
And beg me to hold out my hands;
so on my pipe I cease to pull
And watch her twine the shining strands
Into a ball so snug and neat,
Perchance a pair of socks to knit
To comfort my unworthy feet,
Or pullover my girth to fit.

As to the winding I would sway,
A poem in my head would sing,
And I would watch in dreamy way
The bright yarn swiftly slendering.
The best I liked were coloured strands
I let my pensive pipe grow cool . . .
Two active and two passive hands,
So busy winding shining wool.

Alas! Two of those hands are cold,
And in these days of wrath and wrong,
I am so wearyful and old,
I wonder if I’ve lived too long.
So in my loneliness I sit
And dream of sweet domestic rule . . .
When gentle women used to knit,
And men were happy winding wool.