November 2006

I have a recommendation for you – just in time for holiday shopping.

See that? That is where you get amazing jewelry. I’ve known Kristy for umm… six years or so and I got my first pieces from her in 2001. I’ve picked up more since then. And I’ll tell you, I *never* wear her jewelry without being complimented on it. Strangers stop me to ask about it. No joke. One of the bracelets, well, to be frank, I abuse it. I put it on a few years ago, and rarely take it off. I shower with it on, sleep with it in, swim with it on… you get the picture. So now, picture my face when, about six months ago, it, after years of abuse, finally BROKE and all the beautiful stones were tumbling around. uh-huh. I carefully collected them up and when I was in California last May, Kristy graciously restrung them for me. I put the bracelet back on immediately and it hasn’t come off since. Maybe I like it, ya think?! *grin* Her stuff is just beautiful and so unique. I went to a show in LA and tried to get photos of her table, but it was swamped! All my photos are of the back of a crowd of women. I just couldn’t get in. And since I like LOVE my My Little Pretty stuff so much, and the stuff I’ve given as gifts has always been VERY well received, I thought I’d share the link with y’all.

Here is her most recent press release:

My Little Pretty Debuts Meaningful Circle of Eternity Necklace & Earring Set

KristyNovember 8, 2006 (Los Angeles, CA)—Inspired by the recent loss of her beloved grandmother, My Little Pretty designer Kristy Nuttall created the Circle of Eternity necklace and earring set. The night before her grandmother’s funeral, Kristy created a special necklace for herself and her Aunt Sherry, her grandmother’s daughter.

“I designed the Circle of Eternity necklace and earrings in my grandma’s honor for us to wear that day because our circle of love will never end … even when our loved ones pass on,” said Kristy. “We’ve both been wearing them all over the place and I’ve been stopped over and over again by people asking about it.”

At her latest show this past weekend, Kristy began making them and they’d sell out each time she and Sherry shared the touching story behind the set. There are two versions of the set, priced at $44 for the larger circle necklace and $40 for the matching earrings, and $40 for the smaller circle necklace and $37 for the earrings, and they’re available at

Eternity from MLP

So go have a look. I bet you can find something for all those hard-to-buy-for people on your list. And even something for yourself ;)

And now, I must do my knit blogger duty and do this:
Scott Eric Kaufmann is a graduate student presenting a paper on blog memes. So I’m doing my bit and linking to him. And I’m going to ping technorati and ask you to participate too :)


We hiked today near Princess Point. It was beautiful. Cool and foggy. We rooted for rodent trails in the long grass, found a dead opossum and dangled bouquets of burrs from our mittens.

It was a welcome respite in what has become a hectic few weeks. Our calendar has exploded. My to-do lists seem to be getting longer every day, never shorter. Contributing to that suffocating feeling of being overwhelmed are the preparations to go into hospital next week. I go in Thursday for what is normally simple day surgery. But I had this same surgery two years ago, nearly died then spent four days in intensive care and weeks recovering. I wanted to be ahead of the game and ready for christmas before I went into the hospital but I’m spending too much time spinning my wheels and worrying and not enough time sleeping or actually being productive. I’ve laid the groundwork for a more successful round this time, I am so much healthier now than I was then, and all the medical people involved are on high alert. It almost can’t go any way but well, but still. My insides are in knots anyway. I am looking forward to having it over with, though. That will be something to celebrate. :)

In knitting news, I’m having some trouble blocking my brown cabled scarf. I’ve made two attempts, both foiled by pets. We have a dog and three cats (and four birds, they are totally innocent in this particular endeavor.). Our pets have never bothered with my knitting as it’s blocking. But this scarf? They were rolling all over it as soon as I had it pinned out on the sheet on the floor. All four of them. In succession. I chased them away again and again, but in the end the pins were scattered, the cables flattened and the halo on the alpaca was due as much to cat hair as anything. *sigh* I rewashed and repinned and they rerolled and re-unpinned. I’ve put it up for now and will try again in a few days. Good thing they are so cute.

umm.. there was more, but I’ve fallen asleep here in my chair twice now, so I’d better get to bed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll decimate that to-do list. Wish me luck :)

Fruitcake V06

Fruitcake time again. I’ve made my position on fruitcakes clear in the past, so photos only this time :)

Fruitcake V06

Fruitcake V06

Fruitcake V06

Willow Pond

I love the wild spaces that exist within our tamed spaces: the spring puddles in the yard where dragonfly larvae swim and stalk mosquito larvae, the soft soil and leaf litter hiding toads in the garden. My neighbourhood has several stormwater ponds. It was one of the biggest selling point for me. They are so much more than fields of cut grass in a park. There is more life, more sound. They are obvious markers of the changing seasons and we visit them often. As far as I know, the ponds and their parks don’t have official names. We’ve named this one Willow Pond.

Two nights ago, we had the first good frost of the season. Everything was still frosty at 9AM and it was then that I heard the call of many geese and went to a window to look. I saw what was likely the biggest group of Canada Geese I have ever seen. Jordan asked me why it was such a big deal – they’re just geese and we see them all the time. We do now, I told him, but when I was a child, if geese flew overhead, people would pull over on the highway and get out of their cars to watch. They were pretty rare and I remember seeing them only in small groups of 2-7 birds. Once, when I was about Jordan’s age, I counted a gaggle of twelve. I remember it vividly. Yesterday, I saw about 200 of them, calling and organising and learning to fly in formation. Joni Mitchel says, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” and the geese were almost gone. I have little no sympathy for people who complain about the geese and the droppings and the noise. Fertilizer and music. Get over it.

Smokey in the Dryer
Smokey helps with the laundry.

Smokey continues to be as cute as cute can be. He likes warm spots and can often be found sitting on the open dishwasher door, jumping into the clothes dryer, or sitting in front of the fireplace meowing for it to be lit. Once lit, he lounges and rolls around, napping on occasion to put a little spice into it all.

Smokey in the Dryer
Where’s my smoked salmon on a silver platter?

And, if you are celebrating it this weekend: Happy Thanksgiving :)

Thornton Wilder:
Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.

Tonight, Jordan and I went out to look for meteors. It was well after bed time when we headed out to the balcony. The door is blocked with furniture that has been moved for painting, so, bundled for arctic exploration, we climbed through a window to get outside. We sat in wicker chairs, looking up at the night sky and talking quietly. It wasn’t long before Jordan was drifting off to sleep, so back through the window we went and he got ready for bed. But before he got into bed, I taught him the Second Story Window Song, as of course, it came to mind as we were climbing through the second story window. He laughed that guffaw laugh special to 10 year-old boys and kept insisting on just one more verse. Finally, we broke out the giant book of nursery rhymes and sang every one that fit the song. It is, apparently, the best song ever. :D

I wonder, though, what the neighbours must think. The two of us bundled up (me in faux fur, even. A meteor shower is certainly a worthy event.) and climbing through windows late at night and then the rowdy singing of silly songs at way past bedtime. I like to think that they are jealous and watch wistfully, wishing they could be as spontaneous and fun as we are; that they could throw caution – and bedtime – to the winds and climb through windows to watch the meteor shower. But somehow, I don’t think that is what they are thinking at all ;)

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