October 2006

The sewing continues. Being tailor to a Jedi is no easy task. The funny thing (ha ha)? Jordan likely won’t even go out for Hallowe’en. He doesn’t like it and didn’t go out last year. He says he doesn’t think he’ll go this year, either… but he does really need a new costume. lol. Hence the sewing. Maybe I can convince him to go get some candy for me ;)

Max, The Cat Who Came Back, continues to hinder progress by sleeping on my fabric pieces and chewing my measuring tape. He worked so hard at it, that he wore himself right out. Poor kitty.

Not Helping!

Smokey wanted in on some of that action and is also Not Helping to the best of his ability.

Not Helping!

Jordan, however, IS helping! Big time! This morning, Mark had a tonne of work dropped on him and he has been slaving away all day, and will be working late into the night, for sure. I will be deep in the battle against cats who are trying to prevent me from clothing the resident Jedi in the piles of fabric and thread on the dining room table for the foreseeable future. Late this afternoon, Jordan said that, in light of how busy Mark and I were, that he’d make supper. Immediately, I jabbed a pin deep into the fleshy part just below my thumb to see if I was dreaming. I was not. And then Jordan made supper.

The Chef!
The Chef himself!

He put on quite a spread: vegetarian chicken burgers, with all the toppings and he even toasted the buns mmm :) and poured the apple juice/pretend wine. Awesome. He said that now he needs to learn to cook more than these burgers and rice so he can cook more often. Oh yes. I’m ALL over that :)

Tomorrow is Hallowe’en. By my calendar, that means that tomorrow night is the start of christmas. Trust me… tomorrow night, when you blow out the candle in your pumpkin wait a second before you go back in. Feel that? That’s christmas. :) hohoho.

Who wants a treat?
Who wants a treat?


I finally finished the 620 &%)%^ rows of moss stitch and moved on to the rest of the body of Fleur. Only the sleeves left now. This is a gorgeous sweater/jacket/shrug and fun to knit – once you get past all that moss stitch. The colours are beautiful too. The yarn is thick and thin and very soft. The thicker part tends to split quite a bit, but ehhh.. it’s worth it.

Last week, Jordan baked – with only a little help – cookies which he donated for a fundraiser. The kind of cookie? Why, Jordan’s Favourite Extra-Spicy Ginger Cookies of course! He was thrilled to see his cookies got a ribbon – Best Tea Dipper – and then watched the sale like a hawk. His cookies were a hit. And Jordan can’t wait to get back in the kitchen.


I have been saying for years that Burlington is a knitting black hole. I had to drive to Oakville – but apparently that store is closing now :( or to Ancaster. But not anymore!! There is a new yarn shop in town and I am ALL over it. The store is just open, so it is still ramping up, but she has gorgeous stuff. All the best and most fondle-able yarn is there. There is also some spinning fibre – right here! In Burlington! mmmm.. fibre :D
The shop is cozy and comfortable AND has really good lighting in case you want to sit and knit for a while.
If you are local, check it out: Spun Fibre Arts.

A Low Impact Woodland Home
I want to live here. Is that not the coolest, coziest thing you have ever seen? It’s like a Hobbit house for People! I want to live in that house and I want to sit in that cosy room with the fire and the round window and beamed ceiling and knit cozy things for nice people. uh huh.

For the next few days there will be no knitting for it is Hallowe’en and I will be frantically sewing a costume.

Max on the sewing table.
He is so not helping. :D

This is Max. You haven’t seen him before. Max came back. We thought he was a gonner, but we’re happy to have him back.

Reading in the window seat.

Schooling continues apace here. I haven’t written about it because it’s been pretty uneventful. We have a plan; we move forward. Some days we do hours of ‘regular’ sit-down school work, some days just a little, other days, none at all. But there is always learning. We were sad to learn that Jordan’s art classes were cancelled for the year. He loved those. But, there is a new programme at the Royal Botanical Gardens, same day, same time, for homeschoolers that Jordan has been enjoying. I guess it all works out in the end, eh? But still, he misses the art.

My Relucatant Reader is still reluctant, but only until he begins. Then he is right into it. I have no idea where he gets his stubbornness from. *cough* Of course, the right setting helps, so each day, I set him up on the window seat with a hand knit blanket, the fireplace on and quiet classical music (he likes Baroque) in the background. I sit in the wingback chair right beside him with my knitting, ready to help with difficult words as he reads aloud. It is often the most pleasant 30 minutes of my day. Jordan won’t admit it, but he likes it too :P

And now, off for a hike :)

Ok.. back to our regularly scheduled programming….


This has been the summer of spiders – specifically big wolf spiders who had taken up residence in my garage, on my porch, at the backdoor and even in my boots. So when I came out the front door this afternoon and saw this out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was a leaf caught in another spider web and made a note that I needed to sweep the porch. It was only when I went back because I had forgotten my keys that I noticed it was a moth.

Now, in spite of all my raging against the machine and the difficulty I have following rules in general, I have to (grudingly) admit that I am largely a predictable person. Some of the things you can count on if you are dealing with me:

  • I like the colour blue. Given a choice, I will almost always choose the blue one.
  • I am on an eternal search for the perfect bag. Sadly the search continues and I am obliged to stop whenever opportunity strikes (and even if it doesn’t) to look at bags.
  • I carry too much stuff. Always. Everywhere.
  • I like gadgets. All kinds
  • I *always* have my camera with me…

moth… and there are several things I *must* photograph whenever at all possible:
- mushrooms
- dandelion seedheads
- moth antennae

Have you ever had a good look at the antennae on a moth? They are like combs. Not at all what you’d expect. I love all the beautiful shapes and colours of moths’ wings and I love how unbelievably fuzzy moths are. But mostly I love their antennae. I have no idea what purpose comb antennae would serve and I like the mystery of it. And I just plain love to look at them.

So here you go. You can look at them too :)

For the record: emails I’ve deleted since 10 this morning: 1642.
Yeah. And the ‘S’ key fell off my keyboard and won’t go back on. grrr. My ‘K’ key only works half the time, but at least it’s still there. I had to fight off tears when it came off. All the crap with my network and my computer – one thing after another for the last THREE months… ugh. SO.Frustrating. And now I’m missing a key. It’s like typing with a painful limp.


It looks like my MP* may have been dooced. His blog is here.

It’ll be a cold day inH-E-Double Hockey Sticks (heh) before I ever vote for the homophobic Christian American new conservative party, but in spite of my best intentions, from the day this guy was elected as my conservative MP, I have been able to muster nothing but respect for him. And now he’s been kicked out of the conservative caucus – pretty gutsy move for a minority government.

Oh wait… I don’t do politics on this blog. So.. uh… don’t read this. :D

Edit: Great Editorial at Maisonneuve: Party on Garth.

* MP=Member of Parliament… this is my local representative in the federal governement.

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