September 2006

Smokey Blue
Last Autumn when Sasquatch, The Cat Who Slept on My Head for 14 Years, died, I thought we’d get another cat right away. Since my first cat as a teenager, I have never been without one and almost always had two as cats seem happier in pairs. But I just couldn’t do it. I looked, but my heart wasn’t in it. I began to think that one cat might be the way to go. That is, until we went away for 10 days last May. Slippers, our big muscular orange tabby barn cat who most of the time seems not to give a crap was downright traumatized by the whole thing. My dad was a great pet sitter and spent lots of time with him, but to no avail. Usually if you go away, your cat is ticked off and tells you so (if you’re lucky, vocally only) for a few days but then things settle down and everything is back to normal. This was not the case with Slippers. I began to think that I might have to get him some kitty prozac because it was two months before he was back to his old self. And even then, he was more clingy than normal. It was clear then, that we’d need to get a second cat before going away again. Slippers can’t go it alone.

I’ll admit to being somewhat relieved at having a practical excuse to get another cat, after all, I display many of the early signs of becoming a crazy cat lady. This proves that I am not crazy. I am practical. Two cats are more practical than one.

Smokey Blue

However, in spite of my intention and in spite of all the lectures to Jordan, I didn’t make it to the shelter to choose a kitten. One day, while lecturing Jordan on why we don’t get our cats from pet stores, we get them from shelters, a Himalayan kitten in the window at a pet store made me buy him and bring him home. Well, at first, he was marked as sold and I was surprised by how disappointed I was. I stood, watching through the glass as he mewed at me and wished I could have him. Jordan laughed at me. “Ha! Good thing he’s sold or you’d be knocking stuff over trying to get out your credit card and pay for him!” lol. He was right. And we stood cooing over him for another minute.

I was vaguley aware of the store owner answering the phone behind me. I was vaguley aware that he sounded annoyed. I about fell over when he came over and erased the sold sign. “I want that cat! errr.. May I hold that cat, please?” I asked. I was losing the battle to have any composure at all. Jordan was already doing a victory dance. Less than an hour later, we were home with our freshly bathed new kitten. We named him for his colours – he is Smokey Blue.

Smokey Blue

He loves to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play on tv. (Mark watches with his eyes closed a lot of the time too.)

Smokey Blue

And he likes to watch Scooby Doo.

Smokey Blue

And he loves Play Station and will play for as long as Jordan plays.

This cat is like a rag doll. He loves to be carried around and cradled like a baby. When he is startled, he runs to be picked up, rather than running to hide. He is a cuddle monster. Jordan has wondered if it would be possible to power a car on purr power. We’d surely be rich.

Smokey Blue

Slippers loves him like crazy and couldn’t be happier. He sits patiently, swishing his tail so Smokey can attack it. And he has already begun indoctrinating the little one. You see, he has wanted his own band of minions for a long time and he sees a Smokey as a good start. He has already begun training him up to terrorise the dog.

Smokey Blue

Artemis is clueless and actually enjoys being terrorised. Smokey feels he might need a little more training.

Smokey Blue

Unfortunately, Smokey likes to knit.
Fortunately, knitting makes him very sleepy.

Smokey Blue

Between naps on his beach towel (Scooby Doo, of course), Smokey is very helpful with school. He is quick to kill any stray papers or erasers. In no time we’ll be clear of the paperclip infestation that has plagued us for so long.

Smokey Blue

He also makes an excellent paper weight.
Also? That glass of water you just got? You didn’t want that, did you? Cause Smokey just drank it all. (He likes apple juice and coffee too. In a pinch, vanilla soy milk will do.)

Smokey Blue

All the pets we’ve had over the years and this is the most important lesson I’ve learned: It is always a good thing to have your pet match your carpet. A very good thing.

Karate Grad.

Tonight, Jordan had his first karate graduation. We went down to the studio to see demonstrations and presentations. It was really a great event. Jordan and another white belt did their kata together and were awarded yellow belts. (yeah. Jordan, *my* Jordan, got up in front of a bunch of people and did something :-O ) A bunch of kids got other belts and there were five of the wee ones (5yo and under) who got belts. There were 3 kids who had recently turned 16, did a course and a passed a ‘maturity’ test and their Junior Black Belts were replaced with full Black. Very cool.

And there was cake. Also very cool :D

Jordan was so happy to be there and to get his yellow belt. He has set a target to get his black belt within four years of his start date. But tonight, on the way home, he said he doesn’t want a black belt anymore because he doesn’t want to give a speach. lol. He had us stop on the way so he could show his Grampa his yellow belt. He’s pretty pleased all round :)

Now… the knitting… ugh. Lookit this…

omg!! Holes!!.

Those holes are *NOT* supposed to be there. ugh. So I have to fix them. All of them. All 32 of them. Oh sure, I have aalllllll the time in the world for this *eyeroll* (In my own defense I will say that I had planned my knitting thinking I’d have until mid-October at least, maybe later. Once I got the date for the shower, I really picked up the pace and I’ve been knitting and weaving and fretting like crazy every since. And did I mention that I hate weaving? And that I had never really done it successfully? And that I am knitting a blanket out of squares that have to be woven together? Yeah. Me not so smart. Oh, hello Learning Curve!)

Anyway… these holes are showing up where weaving and knitting meet. I haven’t missed any stitches or anything, so.. I guess it is just where the fabric is being pulled in different directions by the pattern? I don’t know and I hardly have time to think about it. I’m just gonna tidy up all those holes and figure it out later. Once I’ve taken up sleeping again. :P BUT… I do really like how it’s all coming together.

Knitting deadlines loooooooooom!

The baby shower is in 49 hours.

Let’s see.. 49 hours, minus time at the hockey rink, cooking for family, umm.. a little bit of sleep, basic hygiene, some already-scheduled plans for familiy stuff, 90 minutes of driving to get to the shower… Plus this stuff has to be washed and blocked…

Oh dear. This doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good at all. I’ve already cut into my sleep twice now to work on this, and I’ve gone days with almost no sleep before… I can do it, right? … RIGHT?!!

You’re laughing at me, aren’t you?

It’s ok. I’m laughing at me too. :P


Hold it right there!

Will someone please tell me how it is that the calendar says September? My to-do list says May. And I’m pretty sure that the last time I sat down and took a deep breath it was May. June, *maybe*. But September? No way.

We’ve had cooler days and nights, more rain. And hockey has started – and school. The first leaves are changing. I’ve been wearing socks, even. All of that says, “September”, but still, September just isn’t working for me. How about we meet half way and this can be July? No? Bummer, because I need the time. And the problem with the Autumn is that this is the busy time of year. I can’t get any busier than I have been. Impossible. But, looking at my date book and my updated to-do list… it looks like I already am.

I’m going to need more coffee.