June 2006

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Ok… we really had to see what all the fuss was about…
I gathered 2 571mL bottles of Coke and a pack of Mentos.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.
Meghan opened the first bottle and got 3 mints ready.
She drops them in and…

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.
And when it was all done
(a few seconds, really)
this is how much was left in the bottle.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.
Round 2.
Meghan opened the second bottle and gets 6 mints ready.
However, as she put the mints in, 2 missed the bottle
so only 4 went in.
Clearly we need a better delivery system.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.

Coke and Mentos Experiment #1.
Surprisingly, there was more Coke left in the bottle
after 4 mints than after 3.

This experiment was a total hit but this mini-experiment simply demands more rigorous follow-up.
For next time:
- bigger bottles
- maybe diet coke is better? We should compare side-by side
- better delivery system (I think I’ve already got it worked out. maybe)
- I need to remember to kneel down so I’m taking better pictures
- if I’m feeling especially nerdy and productive, I can put together further experiments to demonstrate why this reaction occurs. Kids – even the bored-to-be-cool ones – dig that stuff.

Lacrosse: Jordan checks his man.
Jordan (in red) checks his opponent, who has the ball. I get asked a lot, so I’ll explain: in lacrosse the stick is held in two hands and you check your opponent with that (never in the back and always below shoulders and above hips). Also… pictures are blurry because of the combination of low light, long distance and motion. :P

Jordan played THREE lacrosse games yesterday, in the final lacrosse weekend of the season. That’s brutal – especially when you consider that they had a seriously short bench, not even two full lines, so the kids take double shifts constantly.

Lacrosse: Jordan chases down his man.
Jordan chases down his man to get the ball. His speed is an advantage – when he isn’t daydreaming :P

Until this weekend, he has insisted that he won’t play lacrosse again after this season. But, he was thanking his coach and said, “I hope I get you again next year.” heheh.. I knew he couldn’t stay away.

Lacrosse: Jordan dekes.
Jordan has the ball and dekes his opponent to make a run at the net.

Lacrosse sandwich.
Jordan and his team mate are the filling in a lacrosse sandwich.

His coach was a *great* guy. I really like him. With all of Jordan’s sports, I’ve developed a real appreciation for coaches who are kind, good role models and who seem to actually *like* kids. This guy fit the bill perfectly.


So this is the end of the lacrosse season. Art school ended two weeks ago and gymnastics last week. We’re down to two hockey teams, karate and a paper route. What will we do to fill the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime?! lol I’m looking forward to some (relative) downtime. *flops into the hammock*

Lacrosse .

But that was a long time and no matter how I try
The years just flow by like a broken down dam.

I can’t seem to get any kind of a grip on Time. Well, let me rephrase, since it is absurd to think you can grab hold of Time and make it your own… I can’t seem to BE in Time in any way that feels right. It seems I am constantly surprised and alarmed by how late in the day it is, or how far into the month… yet, for the first time in my life, I have periods of boredom that make me restless and itchy. I’m either bored out of my tree or sprinting to get through the day; there is never an in between. And it is slowly turning me into a crazy person. (oh shush! I was NOT already crazy! Okay, maybe a little)

Jordan as Anakin Skywalker:
Jordan Skywalker
pls ignore my lame photoshop skills

Jordan’s birthday party was on Saturday. It was a great time. :) So many pictures to edit. But I’ll get them up soon. Father’s Day was nice, though Mark spent much of it in a hockey arena and I still have to see my dad.

Jordan is doing well with his paper route – becoming more independent with it all. And we’re finishing up the last bits of school work. Since we didn’t do school work for big chunks of time during the year (vacation, family visits, etc), we’ll be working a little later into the year than planned, but that’s ok. :) Curricula are already coming together for next year. It gets easier every year. Once we have a curriculum we like, we stick with it.

hmmm.. I guess I’d better get back to the sprint that is my day today. I even made A List in an attempt to get control of things.

It isn’t working :P

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a hurry and had to go out into the yard. I was moving quickly as I walked through the kitchen and pulled open the door.
Then I braked so hard that the door mat slid out from under me and I landed on my butt, my feet still trying to push me backward.
Strung across the doorway and filling the door frame was this:


It was huge. More than four feet across and high. Luckily, that bit of fluff was caught in it or I wouldn’t have seen the web at all and walked right through it. I would have felt things crawling on me for days. Of course, Jordan knew it was there – he had seen it when he let the dog out. He left it there because he was sure I’d want to take a picture of it. He could have warned me, though, yanno?

Objects in mirror...
Objects in mirror…

So Jordan started his paper route yesterday. heeeee! He’s so cute. :) For two hours he was running outside every few minutes to see if the papers had come. When they finally came, he couldn’t wait to get started. He brought them in so we could figure out what the heck he was supposed to do. lol.

Paper route.
7 down…. 34 to go!
He had to put a coulple of inserts into each paper, roll it, and put an elastic on (doubled). I showed him how to set up a little assembly line (leading to a conversation about Henry Ford and assembly lines) and that all went off without a hitch – except for the elastic part. lol. For the first few papers, each elastic took him close to five minutes. I’ll admit to a few minutes of panic as visions of hours and hours spent bundling papers three times a week for years danced through my brain, but he got it. And he finally let me help lol. He is determined to do this on his own.
As yes, he is, in fact, stacking up his rolled papers on my off-white carpet. *blink* Since it won’t be warm enough outside to roll the papers for about half the year, I guess I should find an old sheet or something to put down creating a work space for him.

Paper route.
Hey look! I have paper boy hands!

When he finally had all his papers ready, he carried them outside and loaded his wagon. My in-laws got this wagon for him when he was a toddler and he loved to be pulled around in it and to load it up with toys and pull it around the yard and as he got older, it became a racing car and a space ship and now it begins it’s new life as a paper cart :) This is not a small wagon. The papers filled it just to the top. Friday’s papers are much larger and he was already complaining that the wagon was heavy this time. hehehe. At least he doesn’t have to carry one of those big shoulder bags.

Paper route.
Loaded up and ready to go!

Jordan is determined to be the best paper boy ever. He was careful not to tread on a single blade of grass and to place each paper in a spot where it could be easily retrieved but wouldn’t be tripped over. He is *all* about the customer service :)

Paper route.
On the job.

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