March 2006

warm up
warm up

This weekend, Jordan’s hockey team took Second Place in their league.
Jordan played well and did an outstanding job handling an ongoing ‘interpersonal’ matter. I’m a proud mama on every front :)

with his medal

I love this photo because I love the look on Jordan’s face and his flying hair.
And I love the dirt on his shin and his torn shoe.
If you could sum up Jordan in one snapshot, this might be it.

Click for bigger.

Seriously, I can’t resist this kid. Even when he’s pissing me off, I find him delightful.
I remember being 9 and 10 years old and how horrible and annoying boys were. They were goofy and their teeth were too big and their arms too long. They were silly and laughed squeaky guffawing laughter at stupid things that weren’t even funny. More often than not, they spoke in sound effects and actions rather than words. They were SO im-ma-chuuuuuuure.
Jordan is all of those things, perfectly. And still, I get such delight from him, I can’t even tell you.


Jordan’s hockey team is going to the championship! Woot!
They deserve it. The kids and the coaches have worked really hard for this.
I’m a nervous wreck, of course, but I guess I’ll have to learn to cope :)

Last week, I got a big box of books from Amazon. oooooooh! Most nights since, I’ve fallen asleep with the light on and books piled all over me and the bed. I LOVE that!

It could happen to anyone, right? … RIGHT?!
I totally messed up my email filters and realized last week that I have been missing the comments in my journal for about two months! ugh. Apparently a university degree doesn’t protect you from yourself. I figured out that I was missing other mail, found it and fixed the filters (I think), but it took me a lot longer to clue in about the blog comments. I just figured there were no comments. So no, I’m not a snob, or too good to answer my comments; I’m just stupid.

Today is the first day of Spring. I think Spring is my favourite season. Unless it is the first day of Summer. Or Autumn. Or Winter. :D But it’s Spring now, so Spring it is. Guess I should update my blog layout, then, huh?

These pictures are from a hike we took a week or so ago. It was a grand day :)

I can’t believe he’ll be 10 soon.
Ten. That’s half-way grown up.
I love everything about this kid, seriously.
I love who he is and how he thinks.
I love that he’s half-wild, yet more civilized than almost anyone I know.
I love that he wears his hair long only because it feels best that way.
I love that he is honest (almost) to a fault. He won’t lie even to keep himself out of trouble.
I love… that he calls me Love-Love.
I don’t love that he’ll be 10.
Because that’s half-way grown-up.
And half-way to leaving me.

Wake up little herb garden! Wake up!!

It was gorgeous yesterday… warm and sunny. But the herb garden is still sleeping. After the disaster brought by heat and drought last summer, I have high hopes for my gardens this summer.
But the horehound has had enough of winter…

… and has already turned out fuzzy green leaves.

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