July 2005

#16. I walked the dog in the rain today. That makes 3 out of 15 times done. 20% done.
She loved it. Splashed through all the puddles :)

#7. watched the sunrise on Sunday from my backyard. Not exactly a spectacular view, but I was there ;) 10% done

#10. Managed to complete a 3-day raw foods/juice fast. YAY! Felt great too! 33% Done.

#27. The crazy wallpaper has been stripped! Yay!

#33. We got our new sofa a few weeks ago! DONE!!

#49. I think I’m reading my 15th book this year… so I’m on track for 20 in 12 months. 75% done.

#83. I completed an 8-week spinning class at the Burlington Art Centre. I loved it so much that I bought a wheel and have made room in my lfe for this latest obsession. DONE!

#101. I’ve been making cd’s of my digital photos. I’ve done all of 2004 and 2005, and part of 2003. I have to go back to 2001 though, I think. So about 40% done :)

Wow… that’s a lot more progress than I realised.

724 days, 92 items left.

Hockey School
When we picked up Jordan from hockey school yesterday afternoon he was quiet, limping and shovelling food into his mouth from his lunch bag. We loaded his stuff and climbed in the van. I asked him why he was limping.

J: I didn’t hurt myself or anything, its just… I don’t know.. the muscles in my legs don’t want to do what I want them to do.
me: ah… ok. That’ll work itself out. Hungry, huh?
J: I’ve never been so hungry in my life! I’m going to need more food when I get home.

He got quiet again and we were almost home when I heard form the back seat:

God, I love hockey!

So, I’ve been massaging his legs with A535 and this morning I packed a little extra in his lunch.

Wall Paper Ordeal… which isn’t, really.
This has turned out to be not an ordeal at all.
We began yesterday by pulling the paper off the wall. This of course means that you get the vinyl(?) outer layer of paper but leave behind the paper and the adhedsive. Pulling the paper off yesterday was not that difficult, but I couldn’t imagine how we were going to get the remainder off without a ton of elbow grease, a couple of weeks and damaged walls in the end.
My dad gave me abottle of this stuff:
DIF wallpaper stripper

You mix a little bit with water, then roll it on with a paint roller. Wait 15 minutes, then reapply.
After the first application (and the smell isn’t too bad either) the paper was falling off in some places. We had the paper off the wall – and the adhesive off as well (just wiped it with a cloth) in less than 5 minutes.
Very cool.

This, btw, was the wallpaper in Jordan’s room. Please ignore the piles of crap. I was emptying the closet.

That is not one kind of wallper, nor is it two. That is THREE… each over lapping the other. That plaid is one pattern. Then there is … I guess you’d call it a wide border? that is supposed to be pegs with like a fireman’s jacket, a sherrif’s vest, etc. Above that is another border, which makes the shelf above the pegs, and on that shelf are footballs and soccer balls and ball gloves… it is too much. Too busy. Jordan said it made him dizzy.
It was here when he moved in. It is definitely high end stuff and was professionally hung. But, no. It had to go.

On the needles:
I’ve been knitting on this the last few days. (it’s a sweater)

It is boring me. It is on straight needles. bleh. I should have altered the pattern so that I knitted the body of the sweater in the round. But whatevah. It’s coming along.

Also, this is the progress I’ve made learning to knit cables:

Its a mess. There is a big honken mistake near the bottom (luckily made less obvious by being out of focus :P ), the tension is just awful – way too loose. And the perl stitches following the cables are so loose that they make big holes. So, obviously. I have work to do.
I have managed to wrap my mind around it all, though and can now (on this very simple cable) work without a pattern or chart and just follow along from the previous knitted row.
I’ve put it down for now, because I’m going to find some instructions for knitting cabels without cable needles. I tend to have clumsy fingers and fiddling with a tiny third needle is not going very well. Once I’ve mastered that, then I’ll concentrate on better execution of the stitches.

I have absconded with a dresser that I am going to use for all my yarn. The idea is that this will be the place, the only place form my yarn. And I will never own more yarn than the dresser will hold.


Ok. I already own about three times as much yarn as this dresser will hold – that isn’t counting the big box I’m filling to give away. And yet, I still feel the need to dash off to the yarn store and have a “quick look”.
I don’t have as many WIP as I feared I did. *whew* Only, like 10.
I have more good yarn than I thought I did.

While I don’t see the fact that I posess so much yarn and still shop for more as any kind of warning sign or symptom of disease (because it is, in fact, perfectly noraml and healthy!), I have discovered one thing that gives me pause… *ahem*

I own more balls of sock yarn, than I do socks.

And? I don’t like to knit socks.

This weekend I had to do what Canadian mothers have done for generations. It was difficult and, to the rest of world, controversial, but it was time. I sat Jordan down and I said,

Jordan, I know that growing up is hard sometimes. And I know that it can be frightening to make the transition from boyhood as you grow into a man. Taking on the responsibilities of a grown up is a tough transition to make. But it is time. The time for coddling and for tenderness is over. It’s done. It is time to get down to business. It breaks my heart to have to do this, but I know that I must. And please know how much I love you and how very proud I am of you.

This afternoon you have a lacrosse game. I want to see checking. Hard hitting. It is time you took your stick in hand and just laid those guys out. No more tentaive play! No more running around and not touching anybody like you are some soccer-playing wuss! You are Canadian! Hockey! Lacrosse! Be proud! There is a time for violence and that time is when you are on the ice or in the box! That is not the time to back down, or to let people walk all over you! Today, the time has come for you to show ‘em who’s boss! It is time for you knock your man on his ass!

Do understand what I am telling you, son? “Yes, Mama,” he said.
It was a bittersweet moment. I felt like I was sending him off to war, but my boy did me proud.

1. Ok, the speach didn’t go exactly like that, but that was the drift ;)
2. You know that when I said to Jordan “It is time you took your stick in hand and just laid those guys out” that I don’t mean for him to beat guys over the head with it, right? In lacrosse, checking/hitting is done with the stick. It is a specific thing, not just using the stick as a random weapon. I’m not counselling him to go all Todd Bertuzzi. Ok? Ok.

In a totally unexpected turn of events, in a semi-final game Sunday morning, Jordan’s team beat their opponents. This is the team that beat them soundly and then some on Friday afternoon. It was kind of a surprise that they made it to the semi final game. But when I heard who their opponent was, I pretty much lost hope. So did Jordan.
J: I guess this is our last game then, cause we won’t beat that team.
me: Sure you will! The way I see it, you have the advantage!
J: No we don’t.
me: Sure you do! First of all, on Friday, four of your best players* had come straight from a week-long lacrosse camp. They were TIRED! Now every kid on your team is PUMPED! Second,your goalie has found his groove since then. And once a goalie has his groove at a tournament, he’s hot!** Third, your team is hungry for the win, and the other team will be over confident. You can take advantage of that! And finally, YOU have become a checking and hitting machine. You are amazing when it comes to keeping the house clear and you can outrun almost anyone. ***
J: You’re right! We’re gonna kill those guys!
me: [cringe]

I didn’t even go to the game because it was early this morning and I was tired and because, well… yeah. *shame* So then I get a call that they won and the championship game was in a couple of hours BUT I WAS STUCK AT HOME WITHOUT A CAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!
I called my Daddy though and he rescued me.

* Jordan is not one of the best players – not even close, but I included him because hey, this was a PEP talk!
** Totally made that up.
*** Other than the running part, total bull. But I’m his mother, I believe it half the time.

The championship game was held in what is apparently the oldest arena in the province. The ceiling was low, so low, that I could touch it when I stood in the back. The seats were of wood and numbered. And the place just evoked old time hockey and team rivalries. I imagined spectators in suits and hats.
It was hot and humid. My face was wet with sweat and I couldn’t take pictures because my camera lense was covered with condensation.
I looked to the low balcony to my left. There, in the front row leaning on his dad and with his leg, in a cast from foot to hip, resting on his mom was one of Jordan’s teamates. A tangle of feet during the morning game had sent him to the hospital. Then I looked down past the rafters to the team bench. The boys were there, in the heat and humidity with their layers of protective gear. The crowd was hollering at the kids on the floor to hussle and move and I wondered if, one day, this might be considered child abuse.
Jordan’s team played well, if without oomph. They were tired and hot and in the end, claimed the silver. They celebrated the silver almost as if it had been gold. And when they all piled up in front of the net for team photos, then chanted the name of the boy in the cast until his father relented and carried him down onto the floor to be in the pictures.

After the game, Jordan refused an offer of ice cream, saying he really just wanted to go home. As soon as we arrived, he crawled into bed to watch cartoons on tv. Some time later, I went to check on him and he was wrapped in blankets, shivering and glassy-eyed. Since then, I have been medicating and wiping him down with cool water in an effort to keep his fever from being dangerously high. It is still high, but at least now he is sleeping. He woke when I went into his room a little while ago. “Is tomorrow Monday?” he asked. Yes, baby, it is. “Oh no! Am I too sick for hockey camp?! I don’t want to miss it!” He began to cry. No no…. you have a week off and then hockey camp. Lots of time to get better. “Oh good. I don’t want to miss hockey.” Night night baby. He was already asleep again.

I don’t ever just knit or just spin. I prefer to multitask.
I spin and watch tv.
I knit and watch lacrosse/hockey or ride in the car.

Now, if I could just figure out how to knit and spin at the same time, I’d be all set!

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