April 2005

If you are not familiar with lacrosse, this is how I described it to someone last year…
- It’s like soccer… there is a lot of running like that, except the ball is smaller and *really* hard. Oh, and they give each kid a big stick and tell him to hit the other kids with it.

Jordan had decided that he didn’t want to play rep or select lacrosse this year. Last year he played select as a goalie and played goal on his houseleague team too, and he loved it… but he wanted to build some skill paying out of the net and so chose to play houseleague.
But, about a week and a half ago, Jordan got a phone all asking if he’d consider playing on the second rep team that was being put together. Of course he agreed – how could he resist?! lol

This is from a Select Tournament last summer – J’s team took silver.

So, Jordan is loving the rep team. He loves his coaches and he loves that there are specific goalie drills in the practices – often the goalie doesn’t get specific instruction, he just plays net as the other players go through shooting drills.

My summer was looking busy as it was, but with J playing on a travelling team, I think I have kissed the rest of it good-bye.

And tonight, we’re going to watch the Toronto Rock play in a semi-final game. That’s right, grown men beating each other with sticks. Strangely, as a vegetarian and non-violent family, we find it very enjoyable ;P

If thats the smoke alarm then lunch must be ready!!!
Today I made grilled cheese with CHIVES FROM MY GARDEN! :D mmmmmmmm… and tomato and lots of pepper too… but they werent from my garden.

My herb garden has really taken off. Last year at this time, it wasn’t even built yet, so now I go out every day and gaze upon its beauty.
Some of the chives were already beginning to bloom. *blink* I cut some of the buds off but left others for the bees and butterflies that are bound to appear. One day. Soon. I hope.
I put peas in the herb garden this year, since I have had no luck with them in my plots. Today, the first, solitary sprout is up. I’ve already checked it 17 times today. So far, it is ok!

Last week my spinning class FINALLY started. I think I signed up for this thing in 1978. I’ve waited *that* long.
Okay,… it was only like, 8 weeks… but I was really excited.
And by spinning, I mean with wool and a wheel… NOT on a bike. Cause, ummm.. HHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAH!
So anyway, last week was the first class…. no spinning wheels, drop spindles. Also very cool. It was great. I found it incredibly relaxing – almost meditative – even in my spastic attempts. And the instructor is awesome.

First of all, the spindle is made from an old cd!! heeeeeee! I got an old data cd, someone else got Tina Turner. lol.
Second… see that wee bit of wool in front? That is equivalent to the amount I spun in 2 hours during the class. Now, see ALL the wool there? That is the amount I have to have spun before my class tonight. When I brought it home and looked at it I nearly died. god. I was looking at 60+ hours of spinning! I knew I’d get faster as I went along, but the speed has gone up much faster than I expected. So, I have a little left to do this afternoon, but it shouldnt be a problem.
The first little ball of yarn I made is a sad, sad thing. The second one, while still sad, is better. The thickness is more consistent and somehow, the yarn is just not as tortured.
And sad or not… you *know* I’m gonna knit with this stuff!
Tonight, I’ll bring home a wheel. YAY! I’ve rented one for the duration of the course, but I’m looking for one to buy too.

OK.. back to school. I’m gonna spin while Jordan reads to me.

This morning, Mark and Jordan were standing by my bed. “Do you know what time it is?” Jordan asked. Into my pillow, I mumbled, “No, but I can tell it’s really early.”
“It’s eight minutes after eight!”
“um… yay?”
Mark chimes in, “Do you know what day it is?”
Am I in trouble or something? “It’s Monday.” Monday, dammit… I start going through my mental day planner… spelling, grammar, printing… we have to finish up observations on the science experiement… feed the birds, vacuum/sweep and mop floors… and really need to dust…
“Do you know what else it is today?”
“Have you got coffee for me?” Enough of the interrogation, caffeinate me!!!

You see… 8:08AM… thats a tad early for me… and 8:08AM without coffee… HAH!
Jordan says, Yes! We have coffee and look what else we have!

I roll over… They have flowers and they have cards. ooooooooooh…. Its my birthday!
I reach for the coffee.

As I sip gulp, they tell me… “Did you know that you were born on a Monday, at exactly 8:08AM? ”
uhh.. [groggy]… “I knew it was a Monday morning.. how did you guys know?”
“Grampa told us! And do you think he was so sad and disappointed when you were born?”
“Oh yes, Im sure he was.”
“NO! He was SO happy! He told me!”


So…. roses on my night stand, two beautiful cards and coffee in hand, they lead me downstairs for my gift, which is this…

It is a clock for the garden… and I LOVE it. It also has temperature and humidity dials and it stands about five and half feet high.

Yep.. spoiled rotten by 830AM… not a bad day at all :D

The rest of the day I celebrated by dusting, washing floors and vacuuming… until smoke started coming out the bottom of the vacuum. Oops.
Then this evening, I had a great birthday dinner at my Dad’s.
Definitely a good day :D

A little while ago, Jordan was t.i.c.k.e.d o.f.f.
Big time.

He was tired.
He was hot.
He had the hiccoughs.
And he was mad at me.
Poor baby.

So when he asked me AGAIN if he could play Game Cube and I told him AGAIN no, he stomped over to the couch and flopped down…
… right onto the corner of a book that had been pushed down between the cushions.
This of course, instantly elevated the ticked-off’dness somewhat. He yanked the book from between the cushions and lifting it high into the air, he slammed it down beside him.

Then he sat.
And sulked.
And huffed.
And hiccoughed.

And then, he picked up the book and READ it!

There is no way he would have just picked up a book and read it if he had to go retreieve it from a bookshelf. No way.
The only reason – ONLY REASON – that he read a book, on his own and of his own free will, is that he SAT on it. And the only reason he sat on it is because, basically, I’m a slob.
I’m not proud. But there you go.

And… if I had been actually reading and acting on all my Flylady email, rather than just deleteing it all unread, there is very little chance that book would have been there, stuck between the cushions, for my precious boy to find and read. As it is, there is a pretty good chance that book had been stuck there for days. Like I said… slob… deleting all the mail.

So.. omg! Good thing I have been deleting all those messages! Who knew that picking up now and then would interfere with a child’s education, but here is irrefutable proof!

Why can’t Johnny read?!
Cause Flylady makes his mom put all the books away!!

Don’t do it! Don’t be a Johnny’s Mom! Don’t allow Flylady to continue to undermine the education of our children! Do it for the babiiiieeeeessss!!!!

Disclaimer: In actual fact, I love Flylady and recommend her website. In other actual fact, I *am* a slob and really need to start reading my Flylady email again.

Jocks with Docs

You know who they are, right? These are the scientists who don’t look like scientists. Generally, they are field scientists with their own show on Animal Planet or have their own National Geographic Special. They are muscled and good looking. At some point you will see them wrestling some kind of dangerous animal, climbing all the way to the rain forest canopy, catching a snake or a tarantula or a scorpion, or maybe tagging a man-eating shark for further study. They do their work in extreme climates and locations. And they invariably have very, very white teeth.
They are all men.
They are well-educated men with a taste for danger – like some kind of crazy daredevil guy, but with a really big vocabulary and bleached teeth. At any given time, they may be seen using their hands to imitate the jaws of some terrifying animal.

I call these men Jocks with Docs.

Jordan loves Jocks with Docs and watches the television programmes or rents the DVDs whenever he can. He is an animal lover and bit of a daredevil himself, so it’s a good fit. Educational, good family entertainment. Yay!

Of course, the very first Jock with a Doc was (Mutual of Omaha’s) Wild Kingdom’s hunky and mostly quiet co-star, Jim Fowler.

I used to love to watch him wrestling, … well, anything. Was he the guy who jumped from the helicopter onto the back of a running caribou or something? Come to think of it, that show had a lot of animals running from helicopters, it seems.
While Jim wrestles that 20-foot Nile Crocodile, I’m going to go see how that wildebeest round-up is going.
Way back then, in my world, if it was Wild Kingdom it was Sunday, and that meant roast beef! Yorkshire pudding! And just, yanno, an FYI… if it was HeeHaw, then it was Saturday and that meant burgers ;)


So the other night, Jordan was watching The Jeff Corwin Experience..

This guy is new to me, but I recognized him right away as a Jock with a Doc. No question. Something about this guy rubs me the wrong way, though. I was thinking that if I was in the same room as this guy, I’d want to beat him with a hammer. He was just… I don’t know, trying too hard to be funny, maybe.
But then… THEN…
The scene is of a flying fox (a kind of big bat) being eaten by a snake. And he says, he goes, he says (while using his hands to imitate the snakes jaws, of course)…

“..that jaw is stretching wide, just like pantyhose over a fat thigh.”

Uhhhh… ? Dude! Aaaaaaaaaaahahah! That is so just not appropriate. LOL.
Outloud I said, OMG!
To which Jordan replied, Mamma, what’s pantyhose?

*sigh* Educating this child is a never-ending job.

Oh… and just so we’re all on the same page…

NOT a Jock with a Doc. NOT.

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