February 2005

Jordan has two friends from his hockey team here. All morning, my house has been full of the sounds of 8 and 9 year old boys giggling, cheering, shouting, playing and wrestling. The giggling has been almost constant, and that’s a good thing, I guess. I find it a little disturbing though, that from here on the second floor, their giggles remind of Beavis and Butthead. I’m trying not to think about it.

They have blown stuff up on the Game Cube, eaten pancakes (made by Mark), played floor hockey, rod hockey, pool, and did a lot of hammering and sawing at the work bench. But most importantly, they compared repertiores of swear words in whispers and kindly brought Jordan up to speed on all the ones he didn’t know. LOL.
Jordan was seven and a half before he even learned about swear words (now there’s a benefit of homeschooling). It took him longer to find out what any of them were and how to use them in a sentence. By the time I was seven, most of those words were part of my everyday language (a tough habit to break).
While I don’t want Jordan to have a mouth like I did when I was his age, I think these kinds of moments are important for kids. They need to have some privacy, some secrets (ok, these guys are not so quiet even when they whisper lol), and to share bits of contraband information with each other. It is an important part of childhood and of growing up.
I like the fact that Jordan is less influenced by his ‘peer group’ than most kids are, but I would never deny him all the moments like this one. He’s had a major moment of bonding with these boys and he now has a firmer grasp on what has been for him an elusive corner of the English language ;D


Read and Release at BookCrossing.com...

I caught my first book! Yay!
I’ve had Bookcrossing.com bookmarked for months and months and finally got my membership up and going. I love the concept – read a book, then set it free. First, you register the book on the site and get a unique number for it. Record that information in the front of the book. That way, when someone finds it, they can go to the site, enter the number and voila! You can watch your book travel and be read over and over again instead of just gathering dust on the shelves. I have several books to set free in the next few weeks. Weeeeeeee!

This week, Jordan finished his first School Project i.e. independent work with a due date and marking scheme. The hardest part for him of this kind of thing is scheduling and then DOING the work. He did, with some *ahem* guidance from me, keep to his schedule. He was also resourceful in that he got his aunt (9yrs) to check his spelling and give him advice on the artwork he had to produce.
He did a really good job and I will be giving him more of these projects. He was quite proud of himself and was busting buttons when he presented me with his work folder on Friday. I love to see him confident and proud of his work. This particular road has been a long one.

Two of Canada’s favourite hockey heros, Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, are skating riding in the save the hockey season day.
Well, they’re going to try.
Or something.
I miss hockey more than your average Joe does, but the news.. geez, how about you only report when there is something to report?! If nothing happened… it isn’t news. Seriously, it makes me crazy.

I am delighted to report that my Valentine’s chocolate haul was splendiferous. Sunday evening, two certain someones, who obviously read my blog (< -- brownie points!), brought me a heart-shaped box of heart-shaped chocolates!! I'd tell you what kind they were, except that the printing on the box was in Hebrew and I'm not exactly proficient. Whatever kind they were (past tense) they were delicious (Jordan agrees) and it was definitely the first time I'd ever had that kind. THEN, Monday morning, my husband was leaving early on a business trip. Apparently, he came and said good-bye before he left because, in spite of my total lack of memory of the event, I later awoke with my arms wrapped around a big box of chocolates. Now, I don't wake up so good, if'n you know what I mean. Confusion reigns. So, for some time, I had been semi-aware that there was some kind of box in my arms, but I didn't know what it was, how it got there or if it was okay to let it go. Finally, awake enough to sit up, I sat in bed peering through squinty eyelids at this beautiful box of goodies. It was 30 seconds later when I realized there was something stuck to the side of my face. Aha! A card! A beautiful Valentine's card from my husband. And suddenly everything was clear. Well, mostly clear. After all, I hadn't had any coffee yet.
I was still sittng stupidly in bed, staring at the box of chocolates a few minutes later, when Jordan came in, jumped up on the bed and offered to "help" me "with that". I looked at him with one eye and mumbled, Hey, you there, yes you... Do you know how to make coffee? .. err.. I mean, "Sure honey, that'd be great!"
So Jordan fed me chocolates until there was enough sugar in my system that my eyeballs were actually moving and I noticed that there was a cup of coffee on the nightstand! Chocolates and coffee in bed! - better than Christmas Itellyouwhat!

This week, I've had two - count 'em TWO - knitting disasters. Sheesh. The best part is that I made the SAME mistake on both projects and both items were FINISHED when I finally clued in. DOH!
I was so happy to be coming to the end of this project that I took a picture. Look! I'm almost finished.

Yeah right. This is what I had a few hours later. *sigh* Happily, that project has been totally redone with excellent results. Yay! The other is still in the cast-on stage, but I feel positive! Well… that’s what I keep telling myself anyway. :P

On Saturday, I finally made it to my LYS, The Wool Bin, for their Fabulous February Sale. Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe it. I ran from bin to bin, rubbing luxury yarns all over my body and laughing hysterically was looking for yarn to make a lightweight summery version of Clapotis. Yeah right. Here is my loot.


The Kikki was my choice for Clapotis. My first choice, that is. It is a soft cotton/linen blend. I was firm with myself and refused to buy BLUE. All I want is blue. This sort of has blue in it, but actually it is more of a lavendar. No really.
I kept coming back to the Cotton DK though. I loved the feel of it. But there was no blue (not that I would have bought blue anyway. Maybe.). There was a pretty silver-grey though. I have resolved to learn to knit lace and while this is not a lace-weight yarn, it would make a really pretty openwork-y lace-y shawl, don’t you think? I think, so yeah, into my basket it went!
Next, I went to the bargain bins at the back. I always find treasure there. This time, I caught the Leprichan and got the whole pot of gold! See the four balls of gorgeous and soft red mohair in the front? I found some on eBay for 16.50USD per ball. Guess how much I paid… GUESS!! Nope. Nope. Let me tell you… 2.99 CANADIAN. HAH! Now that is probably my yarn bargain of the year. At the check-out, the price created quite a fuss because everyone wanted some. Sorry Knitters! I took it ALL! Since it is red (and not blue), I was thinking I’d make something for someone else, but, I don’t knit for myself. Ever. And really, my wardrobe could use a little red in it, yanno?
The ball winder… I never really thought I needed one until I brought this one home. I have had to wind 3 big hanks of mohair yarn so I could knit it, plus I’ve had TWO major knitting disasters that had to be ripped back to nothing. That ball winder had justified its existance in my home within 36 hours of arriving in it.
And finally… the Fleece Artist. *sigh* I have been drooling over this stuff for years. It wasn’t on sale, but of course, I had to visit it. Just a little. I have always liked the Curly Locks the best and WILL YOU LOOK AT THE COLOUR OF THAT HANK OF YARN?! This stuff is hand-dyed and someone’s hands dyed it just for me. The proof is right there. The photo doesn’t do it justice. This stuff practically glows. It was mine. I had to have it. I know, I know… It’s BLUE. But… you see, it wasn’t on sale, so the rule didn’t apply. It was my rule anyway. I reserve the right to modify it as I see fit. When I brought it out of the bag at home, Jordan exclaimed, “Woah! Are those your colours or are those your colours!” Yes and yes. :D
Before I could partake of any more madness, I made for the checkout. I needed a set of circular needles and asked if the Turbo needles were as good as I’ve heard they are. From all sides came the answer. Six or seven voiced exclaimed YES! Into my basket they went.

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time shopping made me so happy.

There was one problem though… I forgot to get stitch markers. hehehhe… So of course I had to go back. MWAHAHAHHHAHA! So on Tuesday afternoon, Jordan and I headed out in the rain, back to The Wool Bin.
Sadly, the sale was still on. Sadly, the shelves and bins had been restocked. hehehhe. Jordan was like a kid in a yarn candy store. Mama! Can you make me something out of this?!… I need this made into a sweater!… Now THIS would make a great scarf! In the end, he brought home a couple of hanks of the softest silk/cotton (70/30) blend I have ever seen in a light grey. He wants a hat. With cables. Not that I’ve ever done cables, but yanno, he is my first and only born child. I will learn to knit cables for him. He also insisted on some self-striping sock yarn so I can knit him some socks.
I was lucky I managed to hold him at that. I did remember to get the stitch markers (barely). But I also got this.

Because, you know, I didn’t already have enough projects on the go. I have never before been in the presence of such a collection of soft amazing yarns.
When we finally escaped the yarn store, we walked two blocks in the rain to Starbucks for a cookie and juice (him) and a latte (me). It was really nice. We just sat and sipped and talked quietly. There are more and more of these moments and I treasure them.

And finally…. proof that Jordan does, indeed, do schoolwork ;D

A little while ago, I was looking for Jordan but couldn’t find him anywhere (not even in the nooks and craniums :P ). I looked upstairs, downstairs, on the main floor, in the garage, outside, all the washrooms. Nope. No Jordan.

I went back into the kitchen to check the backyard and there he was… sitting on the kitchen table, hand pollinating the daffodiles.

I immediately forgot why I was looking for him in the first place.

I’m taking tomorrow “off”.
Let me rephrase that… No school tomorrow. Jordan has some math sheets and a reading assignment to work on and that’ll do. I need a day to get organized and get some things done.
For example,
* there is not a single clear horizontal surface in my house. Not one. Anywhere.
* this morning I stood in the bathroom groggily trying to remember why we decided to carpet it. Finally I realized that it isn’t carpet at all. It is mostly-sorted piles of laundry that have become luxury beds for the cats.
* I’d also like to experiment with doing the dishes. I wonder what it would be like to not have the kitchen counters cluttered with them. Cutting edge, I know.
* I think my vacuum still works. I should find some time to check that out.
* The school room… I don’t have words to describe the horror that is the school room.

As well, I have a tonne of writing to do, photos to edit, pages to publish, a bunch of phone calls to make and several completed knitting projects to block.
hmmm.. I might need TWO mental health days!

I can’t find it! I’ve looked in every nook and cranium!

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