August 2004

I got my first tomatoes from my garden last night. mmmmm :D Four different varieties, still no brandywine though. I can’t wait for those!
I have 5 varieties of tomato in my garden, four of them are heritage varieties and none of those are actually red. They are all orange, yellow, pink…
This seems to be late for the first tomatoes… ? I think…. Dunno. But it seems that a lot of things are late and/or small this year.

I’m still getting lots of cucumbers and lettuce from the garden. There are beets and carrots and kholrabi now too. If it ever gets warm again, we’ll have a tonne of tomatoes. The deer have been eating the soy beans. And the beet greens. And well, pretty much everything. lol
It seems my zucchini plants all got wilt. The fruit is rotting on the vine before it matures. So I guess I’ll rip those out. But my squash and pumpkins are doing ok. My melons have no fruit at all :( My ground cherry plants are awesome, as are the spanish onions. The red onions and shallots… eeehh.

My tomato plants are COVERED in fruit, as are the ground cherries. Each time I am there, I search all the plants looking for a ripe one. I found one this morning. I swear… there is nothing like the taste of a ground cherry. When you first bite it, it is like a very sweet tomato, then this other flavour comes… I don’t know how to describe it. But, omg. So good! :P
I have eight ground cherry plants, I think. They’re big – like 4 or 5 feet wide, and about 3 feet tall. And they are covered in fruit. But still, I keep thinking to myself… next year, I need MORE of these! lol.
I harvested most of my greens today to make room for some late planting. My haul filled the backseat of my van! Lettuce, kale, spinach and swiss chard.

I think the rest of my day will go like this…
wash chop blanche freeze
wash chop blanche freeze
wash chop blanche freeze
wash chop blanche freeze
wash chop blanche freeze
wash chop blanche freeze … :D

How do I know when my potatoes are ready to dig?

I’m ready to put another batch of stuff into the dehydrator, previously dehydrated stuff that has now been conditioned has to be packaged and put into the freezer, then off to the vegetable garden. Weeding and thinning are in order! My tomato plants are full of fruit!!! We’ve been eating peas and cucumbers and carrots and zucchini and lettuce and beets. Yay! The khol rabi is almost ready :D


Forgive my exuberance – it was my first time. But BOYHOWDY digging potatoes is cool! You just dig down and scoop soil in your hands letting it run through your fingers… and suddenly you find yourself holding little brown orbs of goodness! COOL!!

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