July 2004

Not my calendula The other morning I woke early because my wrist was itchy and I scratched it in my sleep and yeah.. it was the sudden burning pain that had me awake. The inside of my left wrist was covered in tiny bites. I’ve heard that it is some kind of tiny spider that makes these bites… but they blister and hurt and swell and ooze and ugh. They’re nasty. They hurt. They are easily infected. And they last for days.

I meant to put some antibiotic spray on it before I left, but with the rush to get all packed up and out the door for J’s hockey camp, I forgot. I realized it when I was headed to the car and one of the bags I was carrying rubbed my wrist. OW. While I was waiting for my turn to load stuff into the back of the van, I stopped to admire my herb garden. It has really grown and my calendula is gorgeous – lots and lots of bright yellow blooms. I started for the car, then stopped, grabbed a few leaves off the calendula plants and we headed out.

In the car I crushed one of the leaves to make it wet and laid it across my wrist. Right away the burning was gone. The pain was completely gone within minutes. And in two hours (with only one new leaf), the blisters were closed over, the ooze was gone and there was nothing but innocuous red spots left.

How freaken cool is that?!!

And, as luck would have it, I found another use for calendula leaves just now! I was out working in my herb garden. I noticed that the wild bergamot is indeed wild and it is spreading like crazy. I pushed back the leaves on the edge of the bunch to see how much the roots had spread and how much was just greenery. Only, I wasn’t pushing on the bergamot. I was pushing on the stinging nettle. o_O

The calendula was right there, so I grabbed a couple of leaves, crushed them and put them on the back of my hand where the sting was. Yep. It worked. Yay!

Moral of the story: Calendula leaves are great for the adverse effects of bug bites and being a dumb ass. :P

Tonight when I made dinner, my goal was to use as much as I could from the gardens. The result was colourful and delicious!

bruchetta – onions, oregano, basil from the garden
zucchini with parmesean and pine nuts – zucchini from the garden
corn on the cob – rosemary, chives from the garden
sugar peas – peas and mints (spearmint and pineapple mint) from the garden
greens salad – everything but the oil and vinegar from the garden

The salad was made of: two kinds of lettuce, lemon thyme, chives, violets and borage flowers.

Even my Picky Eater enjoyed this meal.

This morning I worked in the vegetable garden for the first time in almost two weeks. eep! It was like deepest darkest Africa there were so many weeds. My first zucchini ever is almost ready, my cucumbers and sugar peas are doing well and my peppers are finally growing. The ground cherry plants are suddenly HUGE and they are covered in fruit.
My herb garden has really taken off. My marsh mallow runneth over! I hope to be out there tomorrow morning harvesting some herbs to go in the dehydrator.

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