April 2004

easter baking mmmmmmmmm!

We had a great Easter. Good food, good company. I tried a new colour with my eggs this year… I used turmeric to make yellow. It turned out beautifully. Plus my house smelled all yummy and curry-ish :)

Instructions for dyeing eggs with natural dyes are here.

Presenting…. my teeny tiny little greenhouse :)

I definitely need more shelves. I’ve got flats and pots stacked on each other. And moving anything around is a whole project heheh :) But still, I love my teeny tiny greenhouse :P)

My little seedlings are enjoying the soft spring rain. They are all out on the lawn smiling up at the sky

I have serious gardening fever. I have flats and flats of seeds started for my vegetable and herb gardens. There is a greenhouse set up in my yard and bags of organic potting soil in my front hall. I’ve been trying to use as many heirloom/native and rare varieties as I can. I plan to collect seeds for Seeds of Diversity . On Saturday I went to a seed exchange/sale at an organic farm near Guelph. Oooooh!! I was in heaven. The place was full of organic vegetarian hippie types! Jordan found a couch by the woodstove and slept for 45 minutes. Hehehe :) I got a ton of seeds and another bird house.

I am growing 5 kinds of tomatoes. This year the vegetable garden will be 1800 sq feet.

And I have been researching and planning – even sketching! – landscaping for my yard. I dream about trees :) I’m going to follow the NWF guidelines and try to get our yard certified as a wildlife habitat. We have put out a bird bath, feeder and some houses so far. They wont do much good though until we have trees.

Our neighbourhood pond.

It has been a gorgeous day! Sunny, blue skies and warm. I was working out in the yard with only a tshirt on :) Well, and pants and shoes, you know what I mean!! ;)

Mark and I put up my little greenhouse today. I love it! It has cooled off some and the greenhouse has been in the shade for a couple of hours but it is still 28C/82F in there. Right now I have three flats of seedlings that J and I planted last week out there, plus some perennials that I got from a greenhouse a while ago. And I have a ton more seeds to plant. I don’t think I have ever had a hobby I enjoyed more than this :D

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