March 2004

YAY!! It has finally begun! :D

Today I made 96 little pots out of paper, we filled them with soil, planted them with seeds and watered them all. Plus I planted a bigger pot with cat grass and three with thyme.

In the paper pots I planted cucumber, leeks, chives, cherry tomatoes, brandywine tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers and cayenne peppers. One whole flat (32 pots) is soybeans. That is Jordan’s project :)

I have to pick up more flats and seeds tomorrow and then we plant more! yay! Last year I had no luck with the flowers I planted, so I am going to get different seeds and try again.

Oh… and apparently I have a new compulsion… buying seeds. Oops! I had so many packets I couldn’t keep track or figure out what to plant. So I had to make lables and file them just so I can see what is there. My inner engineer was very pleased with that part of the project ;)