Good: My husband is finally coming home! Yay! He’s been gone for a week and a half in India. He travels for his job and he loves to travel. And, while I don’t resent these opportunities, I prefer him to be home. So, in a just a few hours, I get him back.

Bad: Yesterday I fell down the stairs. In my world this is a Very Bad Thing.

Good: I’m sore and I’m kind of doing this bent-over-hobble thing BUT, I expected much worse. There was a very good chance I would have unable to get around at all, for possibly weeks. So this is fortunate.

Bad: I had to cancel plans with friends. It seems that I am never free to go out with my friends. Hockey, Mark travelling, blahblahblah. So this time, I wrote it in INK on my calendar. I took Jordan to spend the night at my Dad’s. I changed other plans. I was going and nobody was going to stop me. Except of course, gravity. I forgot to take into account gravity.

Good: I got further along on the hockey scarves yesterday morning than had been my plan. If I hadn’t there is no way I would have had them ready for today.

Jordan has decided not to go out for Hallowe’en. He hates Hallowe’en. (I hate that it has become acceptable to drop the apostrophe in “Hallowe’en”. I refuse, REFUSE!!! to do it. I am a one woman force for change (not change?). Or really stubborn.)
ANYway… he hates all the scary stuff. He loves to dress up and go visiting as he trick-or-treats, but he hates the scary stuff. He won’t go into stores for the entire month of October in case he runs into any seasonal stuff.
Yesterday I told him… If you want to go, great! We will make an amazing costume and we’ll go. If you don’t want to go, that is also great! You don’t like Hallowe’en; you don’t like the decorations; you don’t like many of the other costumes – you don’t even really like candy. This is just not your kind of holiday. Other years, I’ve spent a lot of time preparing you and reassuring you, and talking you into going. Maybe that isn’t fair. I was worried that you would grow up and regret not participating, but you are 9 now. You’ve done it a bunch of times, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore – do what YOU want to do. It is totally your choice.
He thought about it for less than 10 seconds. “I’m staying in.” Okay honey, good choice.
A few minutes later he said, “You would not believe the relief I feel right now!” *grin* Later he said, “I’m perfectly happy to do Christmas from Thanksgiving to Spring. I like Christmas best.” That’s my boy! ;)

So, I’ll dig out his pumpkin bucket and put some candy in it on Hallowe’en. He’ll probably play in his room while all the trick-or-treating is going on. And, I bet, when I bring the pumpkin in that night, he’ll want to play Christmas music :D

So, I’m gonna take some more drugs, have a hot shower and spend some time stretching. This is definitely a running-shoe kind of day for me.