Last weekend I bought a skein of Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace at the Knitters’ Fair. I have been covetting and trying to buy Helen’s Lace for almost a year and this was the first time I actually saw it in person. (Remember, Burlington=Knitting Black Hole. No.Good.Yarn.) Needless to say, I snatched that baby up as soon as I saw it.

So… for each of the last three nights I have dreamt about knitting that yarn.
Yeah, I’m dreaming about knitting.
But I’m not going to knit it. Not yet. After Christmas. No really, I’m saving it for after Christmas. You know, when I’ll have more time.

Last night I dreamt I was knitting the Helen’s Lace (I was knitting the pattern that came on the skein wrapper) and when I put my knitting down, someone began unrolling the ball of yarn. !!! I was horrified, like, “Don’t touch my yarn, DUDE!” But still, whoever it was continued to unroll my ball of beautiful yarn, just rolling the ball everywhere like RIGHT ON THE FLOOR.

But in the end, I was vindicated. You see, the yarn ball unroller was sent to prison. The crime? Malicious Unwinding of Yarn.

There is justice in my dream world.
And maybe a message in my dreams. I seriously need to knit something with that yarn – asap!!

This morning, while still half asleep, I could see through my closed eyelids that the morning sunlight was bright and yellow, and I could hear the sparrows outside my window quarreling loudly. “I love Spring,” I thought to myself and drifted back to sleep. I dreamt that I went out to see if the crocuses and daffodiles we planted in the front garden had come up. They had. I stooped to smell them and the odour was heavenly. I caught the scent of lillies and went looking for them. I didn’t find the lilies, but I did find a huge, knarled willow tree that was dripping sap. There were wasps and hornets feeding on the sap and I stood under the lacey leaf-canopy and watched the sun and shadow playing on the ground. I could hear the soft rustle of the leaves and the contented buzzing of bees and in the distance, I could hear someone shovelling snow.
Yep, snow. As soon as I heard that, I knew I was dreaming and pulled myself awake. The sun was indeed yellow and bright and the sparrows were indeed making all kinds of nose. The were definitely no crocuses, no daffodiles, no willow tree, and no sap. There was snow, though. Pure white, sparkling snow that crunches and squeaks under your boots. The best kind of snow.
I’m not finished with Winter yet. There hasn’t been enough snow or skating or tobagganing, but it was wonderful to vacation, if only for a moment, in Spring.

Last night, I finished reading Interview With The Vampire. *blink* It was so sad at the end! I had the same reaction as the boy: NO!… I cried, of course. Enough that I finally just brought the box of tissue with me, rather than going back and forth anymore. And, I must get the next book immediately!