Ah. How very long it’s been.

The break wasn’t intentional of course, but… well.

The thing about living in India is that, while you learn a lot about India, mostly, you really learn a lot about yourself. I wrote more than two years ago that I was preparing to make like a phoenix, and I so have. The last two years have been a time of steady introspection and intense change. I knew what I hoped to achieve personally while here, and I’ve done it. It wasn’t specifically living in India that made it possible, but rather, disconnecting from my old life in a rather profound way, so that I could reshape myself and my life into what I wanted. India made it possible.

Like the song says, Thank you, India.

This year, I made real, well-considered, goal-oriented, actual New Year’s Resolutions for the first time in my life. One of my goals was to write publicly again, and to do it regularly. Within days of writing that intention in my notebook, three women, bloggers who I have long admired and read, separately encouraged me to return to My Bountiful Life and start writing again. Nothing like a good, timely nudge or three to get you moving :) Of course, then I couldn’t remember my blog password, and WordPress wouldn’t send me the recovery email. Lots of online things fail when you attempt to login from India and your accounts were originaly set up from Canada. After 6 months and fulfilling all their requirements, Paypal still refused to un-freeze my account. Our Canadian bank froze all our credit and debit cards in spite of notification that we were moving to India, and the address-on-file for us being an Indian address. My iTunes account is a mess. Etc, etc, etc. So when I couldn’t get WordPress to respond, I was not in the least surprised. But somehow, for some reason, only minutes ago, it finally worked. Excellent.

There is a lot of work to be done to clean up my site, make the sidebar relevant again, and something must be done about categories and tags. I’ll likely do it in bits and bobs over the next little while. I’m looking forward to it :)

Spring Wildflowers.

Spring hasn’t wasted any time. It has been warm (hot even!) and sunny. Sadly, even the smog has arrived. :/We spent Earth Day at the RBG. Jordan played games and made lists and made a filtering system for water – all part of the “Helping the Earth” programme – then went for a hike along the trail.

The first wildflowers were out in clusters on the forest floor, brilliantly white in sun. There were also bunches of daffodils, transplanted by squirrels from area gardens, all sunshine and yellow. The chickadees came, peeping and looking for seeds and a squirrel watched us intently from his tree.


We also celebrated Earth Day by planting a tree in our front yard and eating the first chives from our garden. They were tender and mild and satisfying :)
Today is my birthday and it is cool and rainy, which I love, so I’m considering it a birthday gift. I woke to the sounds of soft rain and singing and to kisses and gifts. A pretty good day, I’d say ;)


Ow ow ow
No pain, no gain, they say. I don’t buy that, really. Lots and lots of things are ‘gains’ and they don’t hurt at all. But some gains do. And right now, I’m well into the hurting phase of one of them. In this case, the “pain” is in the form of energy expended. I have precious little of that anyway, and always have to carefully manage. But I have to manage especially closely and more carefully now. I’m four weeks in and have another five weeks to go. ithinkicanithinkicanithinkican :)

April 2 and still freaken cold. Yesterday it got quite warm for a few hours, but then chilly again and it snowed a little last night. But warmer temperatures are coming this week. Yay! I see pictures all over the the blogiverse of people in short sleeves and of daffodils and tulips blooming in gardens. Nope. Not a single one here. I did see a woman in short sleeves the other day, but she was way pregnant, and had been overheated for months already; so she doesn’t count :)

The Baby has learnt to indicate the affirmative by nodding… well, not really his head, but his whole body all at once in a gesture that is so cute it hurts to behold. Until now he has used an all-purpose “uh?” for any opinion he might care to express and it was up to us to guess what it meant this time. No more guessing now. He is clearly enjoying the power of his new communication skill and when you ask a question to which his answer is yes, he pauses, leans back, pauses again and then undulated forward from his head right down to his knees, savouring every nuance. The rest of the family is so taken with this show of brilliance that we ask question after question that will surely be answered in the affirmative, just to see him do it again and then cheer and clap as if he had just done it for the first time. I’m afraid to actually work out how many cookies he likely got today as “Would you like a cookie?” is probably the question that is most certain to elicit the So Cute It Hurts Full Body Undulating Nod of Affirmation.
Of course, we took the time to teach him that when we ask, “Are you cute?” the is answer is, undoubtedly, yes. :)

We had a great New Year.
New Year’s Eve was low-key. We stayed home and just hung out. Jordan and I played Guild Wars to ring in 2008 :D The next day we had some family and friends over. The boys played video games (of course lol) and there was food (mmmm) and champagne (MMMMMMMM!) and some great company. It was a really good time.
IMAGE: New Year
2007 was a good year. A very good year. But I’m looking forward to 2008 and expect it will be even better.
I’ve never been one for lists of Official New Year Resolutions, but I made January 1, 2008 the start date for the next round of my 101 Things in 1001 Days Project. This is the second time I’ve done this and so far, I’m enjoying it even more than the first time. I’ve been writing down ideas for this list for months now and as it came together these last weeks, some trends became clear, most notably the focus on developing better habits. As with my first list, there is also a focus on goals towards better health. At this point, my list (which is here) will still undergo some fine tuning, but I’m happy with the overall tone :)
I know of a bunch of people who are doing 101/1001. Leave me an comment if you’d like me to link to yours.

That light I saw two days ago?
It was a train.

Seriously. At this point I am tired of a lot of things. Notably, I am tired of haemorrhaging money at the vet’s office every week only to discover the next day that the problem hasn’t been fixed. I’m tired of otherwise reasonable adults who don’t think and end up costing me any productivity I might have managed to squeeze out of a day. I’m tired of people who know nothing about me assuming my life is easy just because I have X that they don’t have. I am even tired of my pets. I know – it isn’t their fault they are sick. That doesn’t mean I am not tired of cleaning up after them, taking them to the vet, throwing away things they have ruined and spending my day in a cloud of cleaning chemicals. I am tired of people thinking that just because I’m home, I am available.

Of course, for everything I am tired of there are 10 things I am grateful for, after all; that’s why this blog has the title it does. I know that this will all pass and I’ll be feeling right as rain again at some point. But right now, the things I am tired of are controlling and severely limiting my life and making me miserable – in spite of my best efforts to the contrary. I keep walking forward but I’m only moving backward.
So.. tomorrow, another trip to the vet. I remain hopeful that this trip will be the last for a while. And right now, more steps in the general direction of forward. Maybe I’ll actually get there this time.

Oh look! Pretty-by-the-roadside. (I’m trying. Really.)

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